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How enable voicemail notification samsung, When receiving voicemails on my galaxy exhibit, a little tape cassette appears on the top status bar indicating a voicemail. Samsung galaxy s4 active att android smartphone, ? samsung telecommunications america, llc. Between 1950 and 1964, Robert Moses gouged a path across two boroughs to build the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. The damage inflicted by the highway on residents' ears and lungs, however, could still be lessened, and some of the lost street connections can be restored. The project team developing the study held its first community planning session last week, and the Brooklyn Eagle reports that improved bike-ped connections across the highway, noise-reducing walls, and environmental remediation measures are the favored changes. The NYC Economic Development Corporation is leading the study, in partnership with NYCDOT and a host of consulting firms. Neither is funding available for capping the trench, which could create new real estate for public space or private development.
Instead, the EDC report [PDF] calls for traffic calming and wider sidewalks along the access roads on each side of the trench, where excess street space leads to speeding cars. Pedestrian bridges from around the world could serve as templates for new walkways and bike connections over the trench.
Green walls would block noise, absorb some pollution, and make the highway look less awful. It should be noted that Nydia lives in a building on Woodhull street, right where the BQE begins to go underground.

I am curious as to whether Nydia would be so concerned about the noise and air pollution if she didn’t live right there and stand to benefit in increased property values from a solution to this problem. A politician whose own self-interest mirrors the concerns of her community, and not just the concerns of her large donors? I should have also noted that I am indeed a supporter of Nydia and her progressive voting record, but as with many politicians, I often find her motives suspicious. For example, I know that she is in favor of more funding for mass transit, but I typically see an SUV idling in front of her building for up to an hour each morning (talk about air pollution!), waiting to drive her to whatever news conference she is holding that day. Karma, I suggest you say something to that driver about the idling, or call Velazquez and ask her to stop allowing it. Improvements such as those outlined anode will give Brooklynites better access to the Brooklyn Waterfront and the underutilized greenway.
Why not sell the air rights to a developer with the stipulation that they must be responsible for covering the entire trench? Wouldn’t the endlessly backed up traffic sitting still on the expressway count towards the parking minimum? I love how the baby boomers and their parents spent all this money on terrible, destructive and poorly planned infrastructure projects and then managed to create, through a combination of neglect and lower taxes, a situation in which it’s impossible to fix the damage they caused.
I love it how baby boomers are blamed for things that were decided, funded, and built before we were old enough to vote. In Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens, the BQE slices through the urban fabric in the form of a below-grade trench, which has given many residents of those neighborhoods hope of covering that section of highway.

Seattle famously decked over part of I-5 to create Freeway Park, and Los Angeles is considering doing something similar where the 101 Freeway divides downtown. It also proposes bridges over the trench that are safer and more aesthetically pleasing, and structures along the highway to absorb noise and pollution. It will make the entire area much more livable for everyone who lives in, works in, or just visits the area. There are buildings on top of the FDR and the Cross-Bronx Expressway (including a hospital, in the case of the FDR), and while I would never live in one of those there are people who would. I believe it is underutilized, but I don’t hear of any complaints about this road probably because it goes through a sparsely populated area. It’s an interesting psychology that blames all 40 million people born betweeen 1946 and 1964 for everything including Robert Moses.
As more people have moved to the west side of the ditch, the pressure to do something has mounted, but the BQE trench won't get capped any time soon.
Though the Eagle reported that many residents near the BQE trench still hold out hope for such a bold scenario, planners don't expect to have access to the kind of money needed for more than incremental changes.
And it’s not necessary to make the developer build an all-or-nothing project, just mandate that significant areas are covered up beyond the actual building footprint.

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