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Last year I wrote an article with useful tips to consider when purchasing your bridal earrings, or any earrings online.  The blog post provides useful tips on interpreting web-site description information, assuring you purchase the length earring you want, and hopefully helps to eliminate surprises when you receive your purchase. Classic Sparkle, modern vintage or boho chic large stud earring styles, a variety of post earrings to define your style and hide any ear lobe issues. Crystal drop bridal earrings and chandelier earrings from Erin Cole, Paris by Debra Moreland & Cheryl King couture offer large posts supporting intricate drops that cover oversized lobes or ear injuries and can be ordered pierced or with clips. Bridal earrings & evening earrings that lengthen the face and are shaped completely different than a square. Designer bridal earrings that are wider at the base from left to right: Paris by Debra Moreland, Erin Cole, Haute Bride, Meg Wedding Jewelry.
Select earrings from your jewelry box of different lengths, choosing ones that are similar in length to what you want in a bridal earring or any earring you are shopping for. Now when you read the description you’ll have a physical earring next to you to reference for size.

And of course, I have to share my favorite earrings that I wear all the time from Perfect Details. About Perfect DetailsPerfect Details offers the best selection in designer bridal jewelry & accessories as well as evening jewelry & and day to night baubles. Stowe Craft GalleryLocated in Stowe, Vermont our gallery has a large selection of Michael Michaud's botanical jewelry in our store as well as a full online catalog!This jewelry captures the beauty and exquisite detail of nature using soft patinas on bronze accented with pearls, beads, coral and stones. Eucalyptus – The Healing Leaf It takes 50 pounds of eucalyptus leaves to create 1 pound of distilled eucalyptus oil. The Victorians attributed different meanings to the varieties of shades and bud directions, coloring the sender’s romantic message.
The gingko family dates from prehistoric times and still grows in the wild in China though it is cultivated throughout the world. The silvery white of birch bark shines through the dark on a moonlit night, as will these rings and bracelet by Michael Michaud.
Earth tones and beautifully detailed leaf charms define the Acorn & Tree Charm Collection.

Silver Seasons Necklace Catalog All Michael Michaud necklace designs are realistic and stunning in their beauty and detail. Since we are the manufacturer we can offer amazing direct wholesale prices 50% - 70% below retail!
Bridal earrings from left to right: Paris by Debra Moreland, Sara Gabriel, and the bottom 2 earring styles are both from Cheryl King Couture. Michael Michaud's exacting attention to detail gives you true to nature, botanical jewelry.

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