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Antwerp is known throughout the world as the heart of diamond industry.  It is no surprise that many diamond retailers come to Antwerp to do business. For more than 30 years DiamondLand receives groups and individuals from all over the world.
If you are going for a trendier look, Princess-Cut Diamond Studs or Bezel Set Round Diamond Earrings are the way to go.
NoteThe purpose of this tool is to provide you an estimated diamond earring size on an ear. The carat size charts below provide you a clear idea in regards to the actual diamond sizes for both princess cut diamonds and round brilliant cut diamonds. A delicate diamond dangler with an emerald drop and a delicate diamond earrings just beneath the emerald stud before the cascade of minute stones flow down to form a classic piece of jewelry. Diamond jewellery is priced according to their weight in carats.  The price also depends on the   Quality of the Cut, the clarity, color, cloudiness (diamond transparency), conception (natural or made in the labs) and craftsmanship.
Contemporary diamond earring designs are more versatile and can be worn for the daytime to evening events. A diamond Butterfly in a wide diamond-studded earring with diamond drops is a unique piece of jewelry best worn with Indian wear. Ruby and pendant diamond earrings set in gold is an antique design which was in vogue in 1950s.
Ear cuffs are a new trend that highlights the shape of your ears while making them attractive.
Many celebrities are seen sporting fabulous diamond earrings at various events that add extra glamour, elegance and style to their outfit! Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s pearl-drop earrings set in diamonds complement her smile and intense green eyes. Aishwarya Rai really knows how to stop you in your tracks with flaming red lips, an off-shoulder gown and big, bold solitaire diamond earrings that you could never go wrong with! Unassuming yet gorgeous diamond danglers with a single emerald stone is the stuff regal jewelry is made of.
Slumdog Millionaire girl, Freida Pinto at the Cannes Film Festival in a lovely pair of diamond earrings with crystal drops to compliment her coral dress that shows off her shoulders and collar bone with a messy bun to give her that oh-so-glam look!

Subscribe to the weekly newsletter for updates about Bollywood, Hollywood and Hot Designers. DESCRIPTION: Pear shape diamond drops with a double pave surround, suspended from pave diamond hoops. DESCRIPTION: Pear shape diamond drops suspended from kite shaped diamonds with micro pave diamonds. This of course depends on the occasion and especially the other accessories you’re wearing.
For dangling earrings, 1 carat makes for very fashionable and large earrings that are sure to turn some heads.
The most amazing example might very well be these 18k white golden earrings set with a total of 1 carat diamonds. They can be small and refined, but the nature of the diamond will add gusto to any outfit, no matter the occasion. If you want a more classic vibe, Round Diamond Studs are available in 3-prong, 4-prong or 6-prong settings.
Be it a tiny pair of ear studs or big, bold chandelier earrings, it would be the most cherished piece of jewelry a woman has in her jewelry box. The huge pearl in the center and the tear drop pearls hanging at the ends work wonders for a white or pastel shaded Indian dress to give you that aristocratic air. The sparkles draw attention to the delicate neck and shoulders where the cascading chandeliers rest. When you buy diamond pendant earrings to treat yourself or your loved one, you are making an everlasting investment. Very intricately designed long danglers that are best worn with an off shoulder gown or a saree worn with a halter-neck blouse. Diamonds are made for this style of earring as not only do they compliment every skin-tone but are also understated and can be worn with practically any colour. The smallest of the studs is normally worn at the top and they get progressively larger as they approach the lobe.
Is she not looking drop dead gorgeous with just a pair of diamond ear studs minus necklace?

Not to miss the big diamond choker on her neck that ensures power outages notwithstanding, there will be light. The versatility about solitaires is that they are perfect for evening gowns, sarees or everyday work wear. A brilliant green emerald engulfed with a cluster of diamonds with more diamonds cascading from it makes this earring the star of the show! The possibilities for diamond earrings range from simple yet dazzling studs to gracefully dangling earrings.
One unwritten rule of wearing jewelry says you should never wear a diamond necklace with large earrings. For studs 1 carat is a good size, but they won’t attract as much attention as dangling earrings would.
You can complement them with a subtle diamond necklace or pendant for a classy look that’s great for formal occasions, an important meeting at work as well as going out with your friends! Diamond chandelier earrings are inimitably stunning with breathtaking cascades of gems and pearls set either in gold or platinum. Try wearing an off-shoulder royal blue or steel grey dress with this pair of chandeliers for a special event. Stud earrings do provide some extra class though that will improve your overall look rather than set themselves in the spotlight. Chandelier earrings are certain to light up the room when you walk in while a diamond stud earrings create brilliant halo. If you’re looking for something unique and contemporary in style, then chandelier earrings are probably your best bet. The lights reflecting off the tiny diamonds complemented by the glow of blue topaz would enhance your personal style.

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