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Apart from lovely diamond jewelry sets from Tanishq Inara they also have gorgeous statement rings, earrings and pendants for people like me who love statement pieces.
Diamond Earrings — Buy Diamond Earrings, Price , Photo Diamond Earrings, from Tanishq Jewellery, Company.
Our extensive range of premium quality Diamond Earrings is highly appreciated by our customers for their gorgeous looks. Recently I saw the ad of Tanishq’s new bridal collection and was just awwwed by the designs. They have launched around 14-15 designs under this collection which include bridal sets with necklace and earring, pendant sets, rings, earrings, bangle.
There are both light weight and heavy necklaces to fit into your requirement and also budget.

The range also consists of earrings that are elegant and simple in designs and can be worn by both men and women.
They are the prettiest of God’s creation which help we humans to express our most intense emotions.
This collection draws inspirations from beautiful flowers like Rose, Sunflower, Lily, Hydrangea, Gerbera, Chrysanthemum and is made in diamond, yellow and white gold. In this post I would share the pictures of all the jewellery sets which I checked out in Inara collection.
The necklaces have a delicate feminine look and beautiful designs, ready to go with Indian bridal attire and also party dresses. Our customers highly admire these for their distinct designs, finish and shine that provide them with classic and graceful looks.

So no wonder they have been used as an inspiration in jewellery since years and I am sure will be used for years to come. What I found special in this collection is, it is  designed around the petals of the flowers and resembles a full blooming flower. So went to Tanishq store over this weekend and had a gala time there trying out all the dazzling diamond jewellery from Inara collection.

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