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Its fashionable design is conveniently to handle and 4 silicone tips are great for family use, including child and aged. Ear wax does not have to be removed from the ear unless it is too much and what you use to clean it out matters because anything that goes beyond the canal can hurt or irritate the inner organs writes, Sharon M. The volume of ear wax varies from ear to ear because some ears produce more ear wax than the others. Dangers of using ear budsAccording to Dr Micheal Aubua, an ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist at Mulago Hospital, using ear buds to clean onea€™s ears is not advisable. What to do if you have a lot of ear waxPeople also clean the ears when ear wax has piled up in the ear. He says that how onea€™s ears are cleaned depends entirely on the amount of ear wax one has.
While the wax softeners can be found in pharmacies, he advises that they should only be used when the wax is hard to remove. Too much wax could mean a fungal infectionThe doctor says the other bad thing about ear buds is that when you use them, they keep on pushing the wax into the inner part of the ear, eventually the wax piles which may cause hearing problems . Though ear wax may be the primary cause of the itching, the ear specialist says sometimes it could be a fungal infection (which sometimes looks like ear wax). And this worsened by the fact that they cost between Shs500 and Shs1500 so she can easily stock them. When one keeps using ear buds, it causes an irritation which makes the ear an easy target for infections. Just in case the ear wax is a lot and one needs to see a medical person for it to be removed, Dr Aubua says that the cost of cleaning depends on the place one goes to but on average it costs Shs10,000.

If the wax is normal, it will take less than an hour to clean them while if the wax has stayed long and is hard, it will take up to two hours.
Normally, if you have ear wax problems, you should visit a doctor once in five years if the ear wax is normal. However, if there is a problem, ita€™s always better to go to the doctor to find out what the problem is. Nankya finds herself using them whenever the need arises, that is, when the ears are itchy or dirty with wax. Ear wax is formed from wax glands in the external ear canal and other components such as dead skin, sweat and oil.
Dr Aubua advises, a€?The ear is a very delicate thing, do not use ear buds or anything that will harm it. She knows ear buds are dangerous but has failed to break free from the habit keeps on cleaning out the wax .
Dr Aubua advises that if water gets into the swimmera€™s ears, instead of inserting objects to clean it, one should let the water dry on its own. He also adds that incase water usually enters onea€™s ears when swimming, they can use ear plugs before going into the water. At Hinkar Sports Centre located along Johnston street, a kit with all that costs Shs10,000.

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