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Toward the back of the head the nasal septum is rigid bone, but further forward the bone becomes cartilage. If the nasal septum is sufficiently displaced to one side, it will impede the flow of air and mucus through the nose.
Any narrowing of the nasal passageway that it causes will threaten the drainage of secretions from the sinuses, which must pass through the nose. It is a general rule of medicine that when flow is obstructed, whether it is mucus from the sinuses or bile from the gall bladder, infection results.

People with allergic rhinitis (hay fever) are at greater risk of obstruction because their nasal passageways are already narrowed by the swollen membranes lining them. A deviated septum may also contribute to snoring, sleep apnea, and other breathing disorders. Hot peppers, such as jalapenos, can produce enough tears and discharge to flush out a stopped-up nose. An even more effective treatment is called a nasal lavage, often done using a small pot with a spout.

Saline solution is poured into one nostril and allowed to flow out the other nostril.Then, the process is repeated in reverse. Nasospecific, a procedure where a deflated balloon is inserted in the nostril and inflated to a large enough degree to adjust the septal deviation, can be an alternative to surgery.

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