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Using the popular primary house secondary house system (which is nice because it expresses more variety and nuance than simply 'there are four types of people lol'), I think Solas is a Raverin - Ravenclaw primary, Slytherin secondary. In contrast my Inquisitor (and me as well, actually) is a Gryfferin - Gryffindor primary, Slytherin secondary. My first thought was Che Guevara, but I'm not very good with history, so I might not know facts that don't fit.
I always get Gryffindor and Hufflepuff on any sorting, but I'm definitely mostly Hufflepuff with a dash of the Gryffindor, so I usually say one but the combination does apply.
To add, Solas doesn't seem to think he's going to survive his quest to save the People and restore the world of the elves.
HP houses are not a system in personality psychology the way those ones are but that's the reasoning for the fanon expansion.
I have a headcanon though where she has a pretty turbulent relationship with Leliana instead and ends up in the Inquisition because of it. I know someone drew some art of Solas and Lavellan dressed up as Erik and Christine months and months ago.

I also thought about writing about Nirwen getting her vallaslin at some point, but that's not the fluff. I can't get it to show me the Trespasser tiles even after following everything in the post they made on how to do it. One of reasons he established Nobel Prizes is because he was racked with guilt over the death toll caused by his inventions. Someone who has done a lot of good and a lot of harm, but the main motivation is for the well-being of the people. It's not a great comparison and there are many reasons why it's off, but Moses was said to lead his people out of Egypt to save them from slavery or whatever but at great cost (deaths of all firstborn children - children are innocent. Moses couldn't enter the Promised Land because instead of speaking to the rock to bring forth water like God told him to, he struck it which implied it was his work not God's. The secondary house just adds space for more nuance and variety like in other personality systems. It was originally planned as Solavellan fluff and I totally forgot about it but I think it may work to give these girls a happy moment.

That'd explain why I constantly fluctuate between Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff depending on how I feel.
I've said it before, but her relationship with Nehn, in all of its phases, is arguably as or more important as hers with Solas, just differently so.
Someone who is brilliant and has made intelligent decisions, but also someone who has made really dumb ones that harmed a lot of people? I feel she'll be a really strong ally, if not a friend, to my Lavellan in the next few years.
I don't think Moses was dumb the way Solas sometimes is, and of course Moses was following a god, but yeah.

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