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For better or for worse, the contemporary gentleman has been afforded the indispensable luxury of convenience. The Details Style Syndicate features contributions from sites that our editors have identified as best of breed in fashion, grooming, tech, travel, design, food, and drink.
The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. It amazes me to see grown men finish a hard, sweaty workout and put on deodorant, change back into their business clothing and head back to the office. I don’t make any claims on some indigenous group of Papa New Guinea, but most people don’t want to see your nose, ear, or neck hair.  And while you’re at it, look on top of your nose, yes, on top. Un-kept nasty toenails didn’t look good on Shrek and they certainly don’t look good on you. Axe body spray does not clean, it just masks the offensive odor with other obnoxious smells that, I assure you, no woman finds pleasant, no matter what the commercial says. Not only does it help brighten our smile, but it also prevents us from nauseating those we speak to. What you might not know is why you have ear or nose hair and why it insists on sprouting in strange tuffs, weirdly protruding from facial areas unbeknownst to most women. Trim them with clippers or cut them back.  While you might not see them until the next time you look in the mirror, the rest of us are looking at them all day long. And if for some unnatural reason you want to keep them long, make sure you keep them clean. And if you need professional help to get your toes ready flip flops, get a pedicure and make sure you tip the poor soul that works on you.

While anyone can have ear and nose hair, it is thought to be inherited from the father’s side, and therefore much more likely to plague men, especially as they get older and wiser. Even the most unattractive guy can look his very best by taking care of the basics.  Here’s how you can best present yourself without having to spend money on fancy, expensive clothing. These tiny hairs are helpful in filtering air particles of dust and pathogens, and can help you stay in better health. But if you have ever found yourself in a Paris subway at rush hour, you know that they’ve failed. While you might be okay with this unique trait, most men will go about removing ear and nose hair in one of two ways; neither is glamorous but it is necessary male grooming. Her beard started growing when she was a child, and by the age of 7, the little girl was already impelled to start shaving.
In 1993, Vivian decided to stop shaving and she’s been letting her beard grow freely. Her decision brought her a spot in the Guinness Book Of World Records for longest beard on a woman.2.
Man with the Longest Beard Ever – Hans LangsethImage sourceHans Langseth aka “King Wiskers” was born in Norway, but immigrated to the United States in 1867, became a farmer, and died in 1927. When the old timer died, his family cut the beard off, leaving about 12 inches on their loved one. The beard was donated to the Smithsonian Institute where it still on display for the public.Image source3. Un-corseted, it measures 21 inches and when she puts on a corset, it shrinks to the size of 15 inches.4.

People with the Longest NecksThe women of the Kayan tribe of Myanmar and Thailand have the longest necks in the world.
In that part of the world, girls before puberty are required to wear coils around their necks that are gradually grown until they weigh as much as 11 pounds. The necks are thus elongated hence making them the people with the longest necks in the world. Eye-Popping ManClaudio Pinto has a natural ability that will get anyone creeped out: he can pop his eyes  4 cm  out of the orbits, meaning 95% away from their sockets. If you have problems with hearing, are prone to ear infections, or are generally looking to feel cleaner, these simple steps will help you get back on track.
The ears are usually self-regulating, but occasionally is a great way to cover all the bases. Do not use these methods more than is strictly necessary or you might stimulate the glands that secrete wax, and cause further build-up. Q-tips are cotton swabs that are often said to do more damage than good, but if you are looking for an easy and cheap way to clean your ears then follow this advice. Do not force the Q-tip into your ear canal; use its dexterity instead to clean inside the immediate ear area and canal, around the outside of the ear and make sure you reach into the crevices at the top of the outer ear.

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