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The human ear consists of three main parts, namely, the outer ear (which is the external portion of the ear), the middle ear (which begins with the ear drum at the end of the ear canal), and the inner ear which is the innermost part of the ear that contains organs of the senses of hearing. There is a logarithmic scale that is used to measure sound levels; it is known as The Decibel Scale. Surprisingly, a sound level of say 20dB is not only two times louder than a sound level of 10dB; it is indeed 10 times louder.
The unfortunate thing about the ear is that it can be damaged by too much exposure to sound energy that it was supposed to detect, particularly, the inner ear (cochlea).
Sound and noise are often confused as having the same meaning; but there is a difference between the two words. Scientists have been able to come up with a standard determination of how much noise the ear can safely cope with, and this is referred to as the “equal energy principle”. On exposure to noise, the ear’s sensitivity level will decrease as a measure of protection. After exposing your ear to loud noise for short periods, your ear will suffer from Temporary Threshold Shift (TTS), which causes a temporary upset to hearing. If however the noise exposure persists for a long period of time, your ear may suffer Permanent Threshold Shift (PTS).
The lesson you are to learn here is that you should avoid exposing your ears to excessive noise levels on a regular basis. When you go to club, always endeavour to take some time-out; and go somewhere to give your ears some quietness. If you have any thoughts, concerns or questions, please leave them below and I will reply within 24 hours. This entry was tagged decibel scale, difference between sound and noise, ear exposure to noise, equal energy principle, noise induced hearing damage, permanent threshold shift, shift in the threshold of hearing, structure of human ear, temporary threshold shift, tinnitus.
Please endeavour to put on a hearing protection device anytime you will be attending a concert that will be noisy. You may also refer him to my post on – Do you know why tinnitus is sometimes referred to as a€?The Club Diseasea€?? Great article and I think very important for future generations, as I feel loud music and noise have become more prevalent. I appreciate your suggestion of including the image of the decibel scale for visual reference.
Very thorough and clear article on what levels of sounds and noise you can put up with while not damaging your hearing. As a person who suffers from tinnitus, I would like to add to your article from a personal perspective: Pay attention to the information in this article, it is good, timely, and accurate!
Thanks Dave for sharing your experience with us and for also lending credence to the information in the article. Candidly, human ears are designed to last a lifetime, but our action or inaction along the way creates problem for us. We should all endeavour to take proper care of our ears starting from today as you have rightly advised.

Is the a reason why the ambulance is exactly the same amount of decibels as the safe hearing law, or is that just coincidences?
I worked with heavy equipment on an oil rig for a long time in the engine rooms it was 120db do you think this will effect me later on in my life or is it, if it has not effected me now then it shouldn’t be an issue later on in life . I will like to state that it is only a coincidence that the ambulance has the same decibel level with what the European legislation indicates as being safe for the ears for 8 hours.
As pointed out in the article, the effect of the damage may not be felt now, but as we grow older our ears and ability to hear grow worse. Please I will strongly advise you to desist from exposing your ears to loud noise without the use of hearing protection device. Often-times I notice a ringing in my ears, but it usually happens at night in total silence. I will start by saying that tinnitus is more noticeable in a serene or quiet environment such as in the bedroom at night. Causes of blood vessel disorders include head and neck tumours, high blood pressure, turbulent blood flow, malformation of capillaries and atherosclerosis.
What an interesting read on how our ear works – I had no ideas that the hairs in our ears is what gets damaged and causes the hearing loss.
It is necessary for you to know because once your ear is damaged by noise it may be permanent without remedy.
The middle ear takes up the low density vibrations of the ear drum and “amplifies” them via three little bones, which are – the the hammer (or malleus), anvil (or incus), and stirrup (or stapes). This action will result in tiny electrical signals being sent to the brain through the auditory nerve. Decibels are measured by studying the amount of pressure a sound places on the ear drum, which then transmits them through the ear. What this is simply telling you is that too much noise can damage your ear and make you deaf. If you are in a club conversing with a friend, and you have to shout for him to hear you, then the noise level in the background will be in range of 100-105dB.
There is a European legislation which indicates that the ear can safely cope with 85dB for almost 8 hours which corresponds with the normal working day.
This process is referred to as a shift in the Threshold of Hearing, meaning that only sounds louder than a certain level will be heard. This is something that doesn’t get covered enough in my opinion as I seen many people have serious ear noise damage from the fact of being exposes for working in different loud noises. But other factors like excessive exposure to loud sound can worsen the situation or make it happen earlier than expected. I wish that this in depth information would have been available while I was in the service. But since you say that it is not disruptive, you may have adapted yourself to the sound, which is vey nice.
Pulsatile tinnitus is the type of ear noise that is perceived as a rhythmic pulsing that is often in time with the heartbeat.

The effect of the damage may not be felt now, but as we grow older, everyone’s ears and the ability to hear grow worse.
These vibrations are then transferred from the middle ear to the fluids of the inner ear (cochlea). It is in the brain that the signals will then be interpreted as sounds that will make sense to you. In higher decibels, the amount of pressure placed upon the ear can damage the sensitive hair cells of the inner ear.
While sound in the ear is caused by vibrations that move through the air, a noise on the other hand is an unwanted sound; it is displeasing to the ear. The equal energy principle therefore states that “for every doubling of sound intensity above this, the safe time of exposure must halve. Ordinarily by the following day everything will be back to normal position after a period of rest. Noise induced hearing damage is not curable by medical treatment and gets worse as noise exposure continues. Please do endeavour to visit the site regularly as I will be frequently updating it with new information and new ideas. I thought that elderly people just became hard of hearing as a natural part of the ageing process. However, this natural aging process can worsen a previously un-noticed and rather a mild hearing loss that occured when we were much younger. This natural aging process can worsen a previously un-noticed and rather mild hearing loss that happened when you were much younger. Once damaged, these hair cells cannot re-grow or repair, so any damage incurred is permanent. It has been established that the ear can endure sound levels below 85dB to an indefinite extent; but as the sound levels keep on increasing over and above the 85dB, the risk of ear damage increases. As sound intensity is measured logarithmically, this means that a 3dB increase corresponds to a doubling of intensity. Even when you put an end to the noise exposure, you can no longer regain the lost hearing sensitivity. I’ve experienced hearing my own heart beat, blood rushing, house creaking, isn’t our ability to hear an amazing gift?
This means you can develop hearing problem much earlier in later life than expected and this can be worrisome.
It is important to note that the further away an individual is from the noise source, the lower a sound will be when it reaches the ear.

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