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For spring and summer time ear cuffs are best ones and you can find plenty of styles and variations of cuffs. These earrings will for sure catch lots of people attention, as it look original and makes you sweet. Her two most recent red carpet looks, from the New York City and London premieres, involved simple, sculptural dresses in solid colours. The rise of the fashion piercing: From septum rings to multiple brow hoops, how much is too much?
Unsubscribe at any timeNameThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. The sheer versatility and yet statement making capacity of the ear cuffs is what makes them our Accessory Pick for the day.
You can wear a statement ear cuff with a lot of garments… think dresses, max dresses, le smoking suits and even denim. We see people with awesome piercings every so often and think, "That'd be neat to have, but they must have been working on that for years." For people who don't have that kind of time, we introduce the commitment-free Dragon Ear Wrap. For our customers with nickel allergies: the dragon is made of English pewter, which is a mixture of tin, antimony, and copper. Fashion Trend Seeker is a fashion blog dedicated to keeping your style updated and fresh with all of the latest styles and trends. They can be attached behind the ear or you can clamp them at the middle or upper part of the ear.

She’s perfected the art of looking on-trend without being overly trendy and has an air of elegance other young starlets could only dream of achieving. In New York, Watson wore a black, long-sleeve Oscar de le Renta gown from the Fall 2014 collection. Watson’s actually worn ear cuffs a number of times on the red carpet, starting with a stunning set by Repossi which she donned last May at The Bling Ring premiere in Cannes.
Sweep your hair on one side, tuck the hair behind the ear and let the cuff take all the attention! During the show, the brand made it clear that a statement necklace for the beach is no longer fashion forward. Even a simple three strand braid, passing above the ear can look rather pretty with an ear cuff. He hovers over your right shoulder, whispering bad ideas into your ear (like dragons do), but he doesn't require any special piercings; a single, standard earring hole will do. We monitor these comments daily, but it may be faster to email us directly or call us at 1-888-GEEKSTUFF.
Danielle lover of all things fashion and beauty related, loves blogging for those who love seeking the latest trends. This kind of accessory is known already from the Bronze Age, so it has really rich history behind.
Of course, the downside to all this elegance is that we usually only see Watson when she’s working—no tabloid cover scandals for this actor.

A deep-cut, open back kept it from being too mature a look for the 23-year-old—who was quoted this weekend as saying she can’t wait to age. In New York for Noah, Watson’s ear cuff of choice was more of a winding chain of yellow gold and diamonds, centered on her ear, by jewellery designer Ana Khouri.
Ear cuffs are everywhere these days, and with the trend continuing to make moves, we can only expect this trend to get bigger.
Be sure to follow her weekly posts to keep your style updated, and you catch her on facebook, twitter and google plus. She paired it with a rose gold bracelet, matte black nails and a whole mess of delicate stacking and third knuckle rings. And, as you can tell from MechaBecca in the photo above, he looks especially great with cartilage piercings, as if he's guarding his hoard.
Both looks are top notch, but what really has us on board with Watson’s style are her stand-out accessories.
From jeweled ear cuffs that feature pretty rhinestones, to Gothic styles that feature snakes.

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