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The ear cuffs extending from lobe to helix have now become the hot trending accessories of 2014. If you fall in this category, then I am sure you realize that apart from choosing our clothes in the correct manner, it is how we pick our accessories.
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Instead of pairing it up with a neckpiece, that would definitely look sparkling on you cause I am sure you can carry out anything with panache, try this arm cuff and make heads turn in the club tonight. After publishing an elaborate post on how to make ear cuffs, I am back and this time with top 10 ear cuffs for pierced ears.Ear cuffs, now a fashion runway staple, are sold at large at all prominent accessory stores from Claires to Icing to Etsy.
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There is this constant urge in us to stand out in the crowd and be noticed, if not by compliments, then by the changing looks on the faces of people ensuring us that we did a great job today! Today with the changing trends in fashion, junk jewellery is not just about bangles or neck pieces, it has a far more eloquent meaning to our style statement.
Don’t worry, just tie your hair- make a high puff pony tail or leave them roughly open and use this smart hair accessory to give your look a completely different bohemian style. This unique piece of jewellery can be worn both formally and informally as the occasion demands. Pair it with a dress, a jumpsuit, a gown or even a saree, this little thing covering your ear will definitely make you an intangible goddess of the evening. The oversized cuffs for pierced ears make a much stronger style statement than a traditional pair such as jhumka.

For those who believe in ‘less is more, these less extravagant styles will make them feel more comfortable. If you are OK with over-sized style statement then you can get a similar look at Urban Outfitters on for size.
You can or else go for Jason Wu’s daintier cuffs that are widely available at all prominent accessory stores.
Instead wear a bracelet or thrown on some ringsDo not wear two ear cuffs – Do not over do with your accessories, as your look can be too much to bearSo these are my top finds.

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