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This presentation has been prepared for the Internet by Adrian Smith of the Laboratory Animal Unit at the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science. Most of the pictures are also available on loan as a slide collection from the Library at the Veterinary School. Click on your browser's "Back" button to return to this page after viewing the large images. Pigs cannot sweat and blood circulation through the ears is important for temperature regulation. When the vein has been punctured, the emerging blood can be collected directly by capillary action into appropriate tubes. It is possible to undertake intravenous injections using the ear veins even on newborn piglets. A venous catheter equipped with a stiletto (Braunule, 18 gauge) has been inserted into the vein. This picture shows the same situation as in the previous illustration, but the picture has been taken diagonally from in front. It is vital that the needle holder is held firmly if the operator wishes to change vacuum tubes.
In pigs weighing less than 50 kg it is an advantage to collect blood further caudally (and more medially) in the jugular groove, nearer the manubrium. For ease of blood collection, and to avoid problems if the pig is restless, the needle may be connected to a plastic tube. Pigs weighing between 20 and 50 kg can either be held on their backs in a 'trough' or immobilized with a snout rope as shown on the picture. The cephalic vein can be used for blood collection in newborn piglets and weanling animals.
The milk vein (the subcutanous abdominal vein) is easily visible lateral to the teats on smaller pigs.

In experiments where it is necessary to take frequent blood samples, it may be desirable to insert a permanent venous catheter. The photographs were developed as transparency film and scanned with an Agfa Duoscan T1200 scanner.
Body piercing has been one of the most common tradition enjoyed by people of different tribes and cultural groups. Earrings became a fashion trend since the English Renaissance during the 1950s among courtiers and gentlemen.
Anti tragus piercing is one of the best type of ear  piercing done on the outer side of the ear which lies just opposite to the tragus.
Rook piercing is done by perforating of anti-helix of the ear and is regarded as one of the most painful and difficult type of ear piercing. William Campaigne at Lone Star Laboratory Swine, Sequin, Texas, USA, demonstrates the use of the tail vein for blood collection.
Even sailors wore earrings that could help them in making proper payments at different times when they require a boat or anything in the sea. This type of ear piercing is extremely painful because the ear part is thick and fleshy which could lead to excessive bleeding and pain.
As the size of anti-tragus varies from people to people, it gets difficult to pierce in some. Initially tried by a professional piercer Erik Dakota, this type of ear piercing can be done in different cartilages of the ear and also gives a very unique style than any other type of ear piercing.
Together we explore most fascinating, funny, bizarre, interesting and amazing facts about several fields of science and technology, geography, movies, entertainment, music, arts, literature and history. Puncturing and making holes to wear a jewelry has been one of the most common reasons for body piercing. Small gauge piercing needles are used during this the tragus piercing and bead rings or wire rings can be used as the ornament.

Anti-tragus piercing is found to be done by people who have a genuine love to body piercing. Any sort of modified jewelry can be worn in this piercing with the captive bead rings and the curved barbells being the most common. Ear piercing has been the oldest and most enjoyed form of body modifications with written references regarding this art from different cultures that date back to the early history. Down the ages, various forms of beautifully piercing ears to give a boom to jewels and adorn anyone’s look has been the most tradition throughout the world. It is painful, takes long time to heal and often creates irritation and problems while using an ear-phone. It gives a catchy, unique and stylish looks but needs a lot of care and assistance as it can be painful during the insertion and putting off the earring.
As this type of piercing is difficult, individuals require assistance to wear and remove the jewelry from their ear. Both men and women had their ear pierced at an early age as seen in the archaeological evidences from Persia. So, let us take a look at the top 10 best types of ear piercing commonly enjoyed by a lot of people in this world. Also, stretching of holes in the entrance and exit parts should not be done as they may cause problems in the cartilage.

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