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The Dog Health Handbook is not intended to replace the advice of a Veterinarian, Groomer or Pet Health Professional. Reader Question: Recommendations for Curing Dog Skin DiseaseHello,My dog is suffering from a skin disease and I am struggling to control it.
My dog, a Siberian Husky 2 years old, looks like having the same problem, just it is not around neck, but only the rear side is affected(rear back and legs, not belly).
Reader Question: How Do I Rid My Canine Of Ringworm?My dog Sparky is 8 years old, since his last professional grooming he has suffered from what the vet says is ringworm.
I am living in China and due to the language barrier and available products; I am finding it difficult to eliminate the problem. I have used neem oil, (didn't work) the vet prescribed Sebozole shampoo & Cephalexin 500mg for him.

It came on 3 times in the past 2 months and each time, it happened when he was playing in grass and fields.
It helped the first round, then it came back, then I was told to use shampoo, also use resi Keto cholor along with the Cephalexin and Ketoconazole. Currently, I bathe her about every 2 weeks with Virbac Sebolytic shampoo and between baths; I apply ordinary white vinegar to the infected areas. I don't want to keep giving him all these medications that can cause severe damage to his liver.
She is also scratching her ears and I am cleaning them with Mystic Ear cleaner and Surolan ear drops. I wasn't aware that seborrhea infections could cause odor, but sometimes, the dog does stink.I think she has some type of ring worm infection as there is a dark ring and little specks of dirt (looks like pepper) around the area.

WisemanVet Recommendations for Treating Ringworm on Dog Hi Wiseman, I am a little confused about your doga€™s skin condition.
If your dog were my patient, at a minimum I would need to run a fungal culture to diagnose ringworm, perform skin cytology to rule out bacterial and yeast infections, and take skin scrapings to look for microscopic mites before coming to a tentative diagnosis. If these tests have not been run recently (remember, a doga€™s condition could change over the course of several months with the treatment he has received), it is time for a recheck.

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