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If the pain gets too be a lot I think my old man put a hot compress on it for a while - hot water on a washcloth. I also remember that mine seeped a lot - leaking a foul smelling goop - and a slight squeeze would drain it a bit at a time. Maybe gauze and medical tape will keep it from getting ripped out in your sleep - but it might do the opposite? The problems that you had were probably due to the fact that you had to have it re-pierced. The other thing I can say is to make sure that when you have it done next time make sure that they use the expensive studs. The only other thing that I can suggest would be to see if you can have them done like my mother did. My ears get infected with anything that is a cheap metal, I need a solid gold or high quality silver for my earrings.
When mine start to act up I use the wires and witch hazel and run the wire back and forth a couple of times to clean the goop out and get the witch hazel into the infected area. Note that the protector sleeves can be left in, when the earings are removed, to keep holes open.
I have a new type gun, the earings are in a sterile box and is then placed on the gun in a plastic mould.
Unlike the gun-using, teen-staffed mall place, these were clearly professionals using hospital-level sterile procedure. I don't have anything against the gun per se, just that it puts the procedure within reach of untrained clerks with minimal sanitary procedures.
Ironically, the piercing parlor didn't cost much more than the mall booth, except for the better studs. Claire' ear piercing, Claires ear piercing service the no 1 ear piercing store in europe.. Medical ear piercing faq', Medical ear piercing clinics exists provide safe, hygienic professional alternative mall kiosks tattoo parlors. Ear piercing types are important to take knowledge of when you decide to have a unique or artsy type of ear piercing.
Back in the old days, one piercing on each ear of a woman is acceptable and men don’t have ear piercings at all.

Knowing the various ear piercing types is helpful since it will give you some ideas on where the earrings will be placed, whether it is safe or not, and you can gauge if you can take the risk. Aftercare is really important to all ear piercing types to prevent infection and closure of the piercing. This young lady was brought into the studio by a friend who thought her ear should be looked at. The first time I had my left ear done I went for about three months before I tried to change the stud that I was wearing and within about two weeks it was infected. They usually run about $20 to $30 per set but they have locking backs that are not easy to get off and they won't come off unless you actually take them off. Got some bigger 24K gold studs with sturdy backings and had the right ear repierced at such a parlor. Gold is better because silver still oxidizes a little (this shows as tarnish) Gold is one of the least chemically reactive metals in nature. Once upon a time there was a rule that a man could only wear one earring, right ear for gays, left ear for straights.
From now on it's 24K gold posts only for me, and I will try to always wear at least studs, never letting the holes grow over. Ear piercing has become so rampant nowadays and different types of ear piercings are slowly rising.
An industrial ear piercing makes use of a barbell-type jewelry that’s used to pierce 2 holes in the ear. Micro jewelry and ball closure earrings are the best types of jewelry for this ear piercing type. One should know that this type of cartilage is pretty thick and so extreme pain will be felt upon piercing.
This type of piercing is difficult to do and if there is not much space, the piercer usually advices other ear piercing types. This poor unsuspecting girl has suffered huge hypotrophic scarring and deformed cartilage due to use of the unregulated spring in a piercing gun.
They are also made of better metal and are coated to prevent reactions from the metal touching skin. I don't know if there are any doctors left that do that kind of thing but it might be worth a try if it will help avoid such problems the next time around.

Choosing a design is fun but you have to keep in mind that it is also vital to know if these designs are done well by an experienced piercer.
This is the least painful to pierce and the most quick to heal because the lower lobe is made up of a soft type of tissue so the pain felt is not intense. One hole is placed on the upper cartilage of the ear and the other one on the lower cartilage. This involves punching a big hole on a cartilage where a big round piece of jewelry is placed.
You may be tempted to have all ear piercing types at the same time, but it is best to do it one at a time to prevent complications from arising. She had lost feeling in her ear, so she didn't realize the infection had spread further into her ear. If you have or know anyone who has a nasty problem like this, please advise them to see a physician. The second time I had it done I told the girl to go through the origional hole and the whole side of my head turned red for about an entire day and my ear was sore for several after that. The earings should also be made with a indent so the butterfly clips onto this and cannot slip off. Walking back from the piercing place to the parking garage, I looked around and it seemed that half the guys on the street had two matching earrings! It heals quickly because the earlobes have lots of blood supply which assists in the healing process of the pierced ears. Since helix piercing is done on a cartilage which is a hard tissue, healing usually takes a long time. Outer conch on the other hand is found on the outer rim of the ear, adjacent to the ear canal as well, but just a bit farther.
Go to a professional Tatto parlor and get it done (once it is healed of course) by a needle and dont put one o those grubby disgusting aluminum studs in get a staneless steel small or big (depending on what you want) hoop or barbell. Ear piercing types are inspired by different cultures like the ones in Africa and the South Pacific.

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