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For thousands of years, women have been wearing earrings as a rite of passage into adulthood.
Mild eczema in the form of skin rashes often affects infants between ages of 2 months to babies of 2 years old.
Not once did you get frazzled as my almost 2 year old got upset and cried and tried to push you away!
Margaret is also very helpful with helping me get the exact earring that I want for my baby girl, as well as for my niece.
When we got to our appointment (A Monday at 11am), we just focused on the actual ear piercing experience. Anyway, I'm a first time mom and a little picky (okaaay, very picky) about what's happening to my Boo. Margaret responded to my email inquiry within a couple hours and I was able to make an appointment for 3 days later. My fiance and I took our daughter Alayne to get her ears pierced with Margaret about a week ago and so far her ears are healing very nicely. Over the weekend my wife & I decided to finally have our 9 month old baby girl ears pierced.
Overall a great experience for our baby and us parents it beats going to a store at the mall and having a teenager with no experience and a piercing gun coming near our baby's ears. If you're looking for safety, quality, & years of experience when it comes to piercing your baby's ears, this is DEFINITELY the spot! Margaret is so friendly, professional, & most importantly, she definitely knows what she's doing! We wanted to express our gratitude and thanks to you for making this experience a pleasant one.
My husband and I took our baby to this place last Saturday to have our baby's ears pierced and we are so happy with the results.
We arrived 15 minutes late for our appointment but Margaret was oh so kind enough to still accommodate us despite the fact that she was running late for her own personal appointment elsewhere. We really appreciate you taking the time in explaining to us the process of the ear piercing & for making sure the holes would be perfectly aligned.
It has been 3 days since Margaret pierced our daughter's ears and we are extremely excited with the outcome! My husband, daughter, and I just returned from our appointment with Margaret and I must tell you how extremely happy we are with the outcome of our daughter's ears pierced. On the day of our appointment, Margaret was a very calming presence, she was also very friendly, patient, and professional. I was a bit apprehensive in my search for a truly reputable place to have my 4 month old daughter's ears pierced.
Margaret is the best!I was shocked at the review on YELP regarding Margaret and her services.Oviously this mom was only concerned in having her way!
Since our daughter was getting restless, I had to hold her hands down while Margaret pierced.

I recommend bringing snacks and toys for older babies and getting the "screw back" earrings. It usually occurs on the forehead, and cheeks, though it can spread to any other body parts. It has been going on for some 2000 years now, and has always been a very popular one among all types of body art.
I had done my research using yelp and babycenter regarding ear piercing for my 3.5mo old daughter. She seemed to forget about the pain before we even left your office and hasn't even tried to touch them all day.
We found Margarets website on a pediatrician ask any question page and we were thrilled with all her reviews but even more when we meet her. She cried a bit but forgot about it quickly with dad giving her a bottle and a vigorous walk through the mall. It is not easy for parents to see their little ones in pain, however made us feel at ease. She explained the entire process to us while performing the actual procedure and in a few minutes, it is done. It's almost as if you were piercing your own daughter's ears & that you took such great care in making sure they looked perfect. You really did a great job and took your time to make sure that her piercing was done right. We took our 6 month old to get her ears pierced yesterday and it was such a great experience. I called Margaret and told her I would write a personal comment on YELP - Margaret informed me that she was gratefull for my call and was truly sadden by what this mom had written.My expirence with babypiercing was incredible.
Margaret is very patient, informative and does not rush each patient even if the next one is waiting in the waiting area. Like other reviewers have mentioned, Margaret is meticulous in ensuring the piercing position is correct. The place was located inside Clouds Rest Healing Center that is not in the congested area of SF. I felt very confident in your judgement and expertise during the whole process (even when I got a little teary myself) and it made everything so much easier.
As a business owner ourselves we know how important customer service is and even with us being late due to traffic she still treated us like we were on time.
Maybe because of the quality earrings you offer with the screwbacks that prevent them to dig into her skin. I read so many bad things on the internet about babies and piercing in malls I was afraid to have her ears pierced. I would much rather bring my baby here, where I feel as if I can trust the person, than at some mall booth where they're not at all experienced w infants! You were very patient with us and gave us all the time to settle down and calm our little one before the actual piercing.

Our baby cried for only 5 sec and immediately forgot about the pain after seeing her pretty face with earrings on both her earlobes. We just got back from Oahu & you're right, her newly pierced ears were just fine in the salt water. Not only does our daughter look super cute, also Margaret was very thorough about making sure the holes would be perfectly aligned  She also thoroughly explain how to take care of it so that our daughter's ears do not get infected.
Heidi looks so great and her new earrings haven't caused any issues or concerns for us so far.
Through considerable research and reading the reviews of Margaret, I was convinced that she was professional and would provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for me and my daughter. She was very thorough in making sure the earrings would be straight, even and properly placed on the lobe. We paid $175, which sounds expensive but considering Margaret's experience with babies and ear piercing and this is a ONE TIME, intended to last a LIFETIME experience. I would suggest this business to anyone.Thank you for making this such a wonderful experience for all of us!
You made me feel so comfortable when I talked to you; all my friends wish you could come out and pierce their babies.
Margaret handled everything very well and made everything as pleasant as possible for our daughter. Margaret was very thorough in following up prior to my daughter's appointment and was so kind and warm both during the piercing and following the piercing. I felt that the mom that wrote the comment was only thinking about herself and not what was best for her baby.Truly selfish.
When she wakes up in the morning, I say "let's go clean our pretty earrings!"  We then tromp to the bathroom, and I spray my own earrings front & back, and turn them--then do the same to her.
Our baby did cry during the quick process but as soon as her hands were off her ears she was perfectly fine and looks adorable. When I had mine done it was at a mall in one of those center booths when I was a little kid. She took her time and made sure the alignment was perfect and took her sweet time in piercing our daughter's ears despite the fact that we went before her 10:30 appointment. Of course my daughter cried but that was mainly because we were holding her head to not move. Once Margaret was done piercing our daughter's ears our daughter cried for only a few minutes and forgot all about it and she looks even more beautiful with her pretty earrings on.
There's a small selection of earrings for you to choose from which includes your birthstone color. So, if you are willing to pay a little more, but be in capable hands then I would highly recommend her.

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