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Tutorial Tuesday: Protecting your Ears - Dark Horse Institute You are using an outdated browser. X-FDBK identifies the precise frequencies that cause feedback and surgically cuts them, dramatically shortening the setup time of monitors and PA speakers. All you need to do is turn up the levels on your wedges and PA until they start to feedback. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission from Sonic State is prohibited.
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One of the most important steps before any soundcheck or show is "ringing out" the wedges and PA – pushing them to a volume that produces audible feedback, then identifying the feedback frequencies and cutting those frequencies using a graphic equalizer. It identifies the feedback frequencies quickly and precisely and cuts them with a narrow notch, preserving the fidelity of the wedge or PA and enabling you to maximize the gain without getting feedback. The plugin's graphic frequency spectrum shows you all feedback frequencies and the degree to which they were cut, letting you tweak them manually if you wish. A Because of technology and the desire to be the loudest, hearing loss is much more prevalent today in not only industry folks, but also in the general public. Have you ever sat next to someone on the bus or train that had their music up so loud that you could clearly hear like you were listening to it yourself?

Whether you're an FOH engineer mixing for thousands or a singer performing with your own compact PA system, you can now get a loud, clear and feedback-free mix in seconds.

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