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I learned about noise sensitivity recruitment related to deafness and how it causes pain in the ears.
I now have a vocabulary to describe the problem that I’ve been having that was related to the discrimination of my disability at former employer.
So as far as my communication failure, in regards to using phone properly, I was supposed to speak to a specific person. The essence of the discrimination is from the fact that they did not accommodate my needs for visual information, quieter work environment, or time off- even with specific requests and doctors notes. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. In yet another example of collaboration between specialists, Astell & Kern has teamed with JH Audio to obtain exclusive rights to sell the universal-fit versions of Jerry Harvey’s new ‘monitoring oriented,’ Siren-series Angie ($1,200) and Layla ($2,499) earphones.
The Portland, Oregon-based firm ALO Audio has been offering specialised desktop and portable headphone amplifiers and cable system for many years now and they have earned a solid reputation for well-executed, creative designs. All of ALO’s earliest portable amps were called Rx models, with the Rx Mk2 and Rx Mk3 gradually appearing over time. Apogee may not yet be a household name in consumer electronics, but in the pro-sound world is widely regarded as a maker of world-class analogue-to-digital and digital-to-analogue ‘audio interfaces’ (as the lingo of the pro-sound world would have it).
Earplugs Music, festival, concert, event, rehearsel, party, entertainment, universal and comfortabel Earbuds.
Clear sounds with universal and Professional Earplugs for Musicians, Motor cycling, Flying, Traveling and more.
Earplugs remodeling, chopping, drilling, mowing the lawn, electronic tools, reading, do it yourself. Comfortabel and payable Earplugs for baby, child and adult from Crescendo, Proplugs, Pluggerz, Noizezz, Nonoise and Alpine. Ideal for airport tarmacs, fans at car races, construction sites, church, plants and other intense noise environments our noise canceling headsets for high noise environments. For tactical or SWAT teams we have a Heavy duty headset with noise canceling boom microphone available for most radios.
We conveniently and economically offer a great variety of Replacement parts: for all earpieces and headsets, including coiled tubes, ear mold earpiece, foam and a good range of ear tips to better support the personal preference of our customers.

The hands-free solution to communicate with your cellular phone or two way radio while wearing an helmet.A  Available for most radios for Motorcycle, Snowmobile, Para Gliding, Hang Gliding, ATV and all activities requiring an Helmet. Personifying The Audio of Tomorrow, The Extravagantly Crafted Carrier System Hosts, Bridges, and Enhances A Multitude of State-Of-The-Art Entertainment Platforms in One Slim UnitCreative Technology Ltd today announced at CES 2016 Las Vegas a brand new concept in advanced audio and video delivery systems: The Creative X-Fi Sonic Carrier™.
The Sound BlasterX G5 is an external sound card that comes with the built-in SB-Axx1 multi-core chipset for hardware accelerated SBX Pro Studio enhanced audio and transforms even basic stereo into 3D positional surround sound on your headset. Made For Today’s Urban Commuter and Health Enthusiast, The Outlandish Ultra-Lightweight Feature-Rich Headphone Boasts 4-Way Music Playback, Hands-Free Calls, Reading Back Text Messages and A Lap TimerCreative Technology Ltd today announced the Creative Outlier, a powerful feature-rich Bluetooth MP3 headphones with changeable colorful acoustic rings. Premium Line of Gaming Audio Peripherals is Committed to Delivering Exhilarating Gaming Audio Experiences with Comfort, Durability and Performance at Their CoreCOLOGNE, Germany – August 4, 2015 – Creative Technology Ltd today announced at gamescom 2015 the Sound BlasterX Gaming Series, a new line of gaming audio peripherals designed for today’s generation of discerning gamers. Made for the discerning gamer, the flagship product in the new Sound BlasterX line, the Sound BlasterX H7, combines comfort and durability with the best audio performance available. As a smaller and lighter headset solution with far superior noise isolation, the Sound BlasterX P5 is built with two custom-tuned, high-sensitivity 7mm FullSpectrum drivers with port tubes for deep clean bass and clear highs, and a high-performance omni-directional inline microphone optimized for vocal capture.
High-Resolution Audio ExperienceCreative Technology Ltd today announced the Sound Blaster X7, its most powerful and technologically advanced audio solution to date. Everyone Who is More Than An AmateurCreative Technology Ltd today announced the Creative SB Inferno gaming headset for PC, Mac and mobile gaming. The Creative SB Inferno represents the best audio for serious PC, Mac,smart device gamers as well as PS4. Targeting aspiring musicians everywhere, the Sound Blaster R3 is designed to be simple to setup and record. Combining Multiple Advanced Audio Technologies That Deliver Powerful, Spacious, Precise Audio and Other Features – Way Beyond the Capabilities of Portable Wireless SpeakersCreative Technology Ltd at CES 2014 previewed a heavyweight contender in the wireless speaker market – the Sound Blaster Roar delivers amazingly powerful, precision-tuned, high fidelity sound from a compact, portable booklet size. When I filed complaint of disability discrimination to City of Madison Department of Civil Rights, they found No Probable Cause.
They cut my Cobra insurance short of the mandatory 18 months, which cost me hours and hours of time to rectify, even having to bring in a lawyer to make them comply to law.
But instead of my employer working with me to determine the problem, they assumed I was lying and fired me. All Siren-series earphones are named for rock songs whose titles reference women’s name in their titles: hence, Layla, Roxanne, Angie, and perhaps others to be named later.

The Angie is designed with the same basic performance goals as the Layla in mind, but is, says Harvey, “the little sister to the Layla.” Accordingly, the Angie uses eight balanced armature drivers per earpiece.
Now, with the new Rx ($349), ALO offers a 15V portable amplifier that offers USB charging, wide-bandwidth, low output impedance, and very low noise, making the new Rx ideal for use with high-sensitivity, low impedance universal- and custom-fit in-ear monitors.
The amplifier circuit, in particular, is very special in that it offers, says the designer, “no DC-DC converters for tubes, no transformers, and separate linear voltage regulations for analogue and digital (circuit sections).” The Continental is powered by a three-cell Li-ion battery pack based on Panasonic 18650 cells. Listeners at the show marvelled at the sheer authority with which the Groove drove a pair of Sennheiser’s notoriously finicky HD 800 headphones—a feat that more than a few desktop amps have difficulty pulling off, but that the Groove masters with ease. Earbuds for sleeping, swimming, scuba diving, work, hobby, do it yourself, motor cycling, flying, childrens, cabine staff and many more. Our Listen only earpieces (Shadow and Scorpion) can be either used with a Shoulder Microphones (order 12" cord) or can be plugged directly to the radio (order 42" cord). Motorcycle headset that works with 3.5mm connector Apple Iphones, Ipods, Blackberry, HTC, Android and Motorola Droid phones. This compact multipurpose iRoar represents the next step in the evolution of portable speakers – with its audio performance, expandability, intelligent audio processing, personalization and a collaborative open platform that allows for value-added third-party add-ons. Discussions are ongoing for a strategic union which will see a new line of advanced audio products that elevate standards of quality, innovation and design.
The elegantly-designed carrier system is a high-end lifestyle entertainment platform that brings together all the advanced technologies and convenience in a single beautifully crafted aluminum body.
The headphone is specially designed for urban commuters and health enthusiasts who want to enjoy their music indoors or outdoors, with or without their smartphones. Preventing hearing damage, loss and protect against water, noise, dust, dirt and air pressure differences.
We provide comfortable, universal and professional hearing protection for Musicians with Crescendo PRO which provides the same filters with membrane as custum made hearing protection.

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