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The ear cuff craze had many of you requesting a DIY so here it is: a single statement earring that is surprisingly easy to make.
Add more glue along the curved piece and add the longer rhinestones, one piece at time and in an alternating pattern. Use the toothpick to add glue along the sides of the rhinestones each time for extra hold. Dry overnight. As soon as Lauren and I saw this editorial in Flare Magazine, we knew we had to recreate these awesome, friendship bracelet-like necklaces. Love how it is big enough to be a cuff but not over bearing where it is covering your whole ear.

This DIY is amazing, it would be perfect for a bride on her big day or even at the rehearsal dinner!
I like your use of the curved tube, Great idea to hammer it out and use it as the foundation of the piece. Wow, these are so similar to a pair of multicolored (mostly red) clip-on earrings I used to have that were my grandmother’s (for super-dress-up for her, I imagine).
I think it’s important not to skimp on the quality of materials for this tutorial – E6000 and Swarovski crystals are a must for that strong hold and sophisticated¬†sparkle! Just a question though, the rhinestones in the pictures are in settings to make them flat backed, but the rhinestones in the link are not.

But it would also be cute to make another for the other ear as a matching pair of earrings!
I have to say I was a bit confused because i thought an earcuff wraps around the outside of the ear and doesn’t go through a piercing. Allow to dry for 10-15 minutes before applying more glue and attaching the shorter rhinestones to the post.

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