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Among all types of ear piercings, ear lobe piercing is the most popular but cartilage piercing is also sighted as a fashion statement among the people of the young generation.
As compared to simple ear lobe piercing, cartilage piercing is complicated and also prone to higher risks of contacting cartilage piercing infection. Ear cartilage skin is thicker than the ear lobes and so the safest method of piercing ear cartilage is with the help of a piercing needle. Rook piercing is done at the uppermost part of the ear, above the tragus which has very thick skin.
Industrial piercing is carried out by piercing two holes through upper cartilage to the lower or horizontally through the upper cartilage. The tragus is a thick fold of flesh and the tragus ear piercing is carried out on the flap of the cartilage, in front of the ear canal. As the name suggest, the anti-tragus piercing is done opposite to the tragus, above the ear lobe.
Dermal Punch Piercing is carried out either on the flat area of the cartilage or on the ear lobe.
It is the second most popular of all the ear piercing types and is done on the upper cartilage of the ear. Generally, nose piercing is the piercing of the skin or cartilage which forms any part of the nose. Place few drops of antibacterial soap on the piercing and work them into lather using a cotton bud. Try to slack any crusted discharge and eliminate it from the jewelry and skin using a cotton bud.
Depart the antibacterial soap on the piercing for 2 minutes while rotating the jewelry back and forth.
Usually, cartilage piercing takes 3-12 months of time for healing, depending on the extent of piercing. Don’t touch cartilage piercings with dirty hands and also don’t allow others to touch till it is completely healed. To clean your cartilage piercing, use antibacterial soap that contains chloroxylenol or triclosan.
To clean your cartilage piercing, don’t use betadine, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol swabs or tea tree oil. Infection: Bacterial infection is more common and is take place due to not taking proper care of the piercing. Try to use much diluted tea tree oil for stubborn scarring and recurrent boils, with a cotton swab once a day for up to 5 days. For pus filled boils or abscesses, use hot compresses once or twice daily until the boil starts to drain. Let the boil drain free of pus, keeping it clean and doing sea salt soaks until it no longer crusts. Crush up an uncoated aspirin tablet into a powder and add lemon juice and mix it to prepare a paste.
After getting rid of the bump, you should go to a piercing place or a store for the buying of sea salt spray. The term Cartilage Piercing, is made of tough elastic tissues located particularly in nose, neck, forehead as well as on the ear specifically just below on the rook of the ear that is highly susceptible to infections and bumps.
In addition, studies showed for about sixty-two (62) percent of individuals worldwide have done this procedure to express their personality as well as their individuality.
Systematically, cartilage piercing infection is caused primarily by pathogen named Staphylococcus Aureus and Pseudomnas Aeruginosa if not treated may lead to a permanent ear deformation and swelling.
Over cleaning : the affected area will become weak and great possibility of infection may exist.
A procedure often appears to be gradually more rampant among adolescents and young adults if not quickly treated. Overcleaning – The affected area may loss enough ability to fight and allows the infection to takes place. Studies showed that infections generally manifest within two (2) to five (5) weeks of piercing.

Piercing infection can appear or can take as mush as three (3) to twelve (12) months to completely heal the problem based on the type of procedure you undergo.
Applied directly using cotton balls for about five (5) to ten (10) minutes and then rinse it thoroughly once or thrice a week. Place the chamomile tea in a container filled with hot water and holds it for about a minute then place it to the affected area. Keloids – It shows due to excessive tissue repair and it can be treated only through surgery.
The healing time of cartilage pierce typically varies extensively according to the situation and severity of the condition. Growth or proliferative stage, wherein the body produces cells and protein to our body in order to heal the puncture and the edges contract around the piercing.
Mine isn’t red,swollen or sore it just has a bump at the back it feels like my bone that was pierced through????
I don't think about my scar most of the year, until the mercury rises and sleeves get gradually shorter.
Several years ago, following my college graduation, I joined up with the touring company of Cirque du Soleil. By the time I returned to Boston in the fall, I destroyed three disposable razors shaving in an attempt to rejoin organized society. After several months (a long time, I know, but someone as paranoid as I rarely seeks professional medical help) it occurred to me that it might be an ingrown hair. My sample went off to the lab, and I went packing home with a wad of gauze stuffed into the little hole in my underarm. I obtained a clean razor blade, some alcohol swabs, a pair of tweezers sterilized over a flame, and a washcloth.
Lying on my back, with the help of a freestanding magnifying mirror, I used the razor to reopen the doctor's incision. I had no way to close the wound, so I simply cleaned it well, applied a gauze wrap, and babied the arm for a few days. Ear lobe piercing and cartilage piercing are differentiated on the basis of healing time; cartilage piercing takes a longer time to heal than the ear lobe piercing as the cartilage is made of tough elastic tissues.
For cartilage piercing, the most commonly used metals include gold, silver, platinum and even stainless steel.
The inner conch piercing is done at the center of the ear cartilage, neighboring to the ear canal, while the outer conch piercing is done a bit farther, towards the outer rim of the ear cartilage. This type of ear piercing is difficult to heal and also requires some space for the piercing. Tragus piercing could be quite painful and will also take a long time to heal, approximately between 8 to 16 weeks. For anti-tragus type of ear piercings, micro jewelry and ball closure rings are best suited. It is done by punching out a round piece of flesh from the ear, leaving a large hole in which the jewelry is put. For this piercing to be done, there should be enough cartilage and will require around 6 to 8 weeks to heal fully.
The person might get a ridge or a bump on the area when it is done wrongly and some also observe bleeding. You can alternate these with sea salt soaks and always wash your skin with clear water afterwards.
A procedure which used to creates opening in the ear to insert jewelries such as rings, etc.
Others used this as a sign of being cool and sexy without proper knowledge and information of the procedures that are being used that may lead to some severe infections if not treated immediately.
Precise concern should be specified to minimize and avoid serious ear problems which can contribute to the deformation of the affected area of the ear. This was 4 days ago, hers doesn’t hurt any more at all and mine hurts so bad I literally lay in the floor and cry. By July in New England, it's tank top season, and as I pull on a cotton indie tank, I suddenly begin to wonder if anyone will notice this year.

Then, as months passed and it surprised me with its longevity, I began to prod at the lump.
Encouraged by this relatively harmless self-diagnosis, I went to my helpful neighborhood HMO and asked a surgeon for help.
I craned my head to watch as the surgeon drained a small amount of clear fluid from the lump. Perhaps they fear my surgical prowess, or perhaps it is my extreme vigilance that keeps them away, as I police every part of my body with an eye to prevention. To look trendy, almost every one especially teenagers till individuals of both the gender in the age up to 30 are dedicated to get pierced. Cartilage has lesser blood supply unlike other body parts and so it is very difficult to treat cartilage infections. Aside from this, precious, semi-precious stones, crystal, diamonds studs are also evenly popular as earrings. The gunshots are not made for cartilage piercing and so the chances of infection are very high. You might get infection from insanitary earrings and from the environment you select for piercing. To cure the infection, consult your piercer or physician who can recommend the correct treatment. I spent the summer roaming the east coast as a wayward hippie, sleeping in a tent, working in a tent, and letting my body hair grow in a most unladylike fashion.
Hand, I should say, as it is only possible to use one arm to operate when the other arm is the subject. I don't know if it had taken a month to work its way to the surface, or if my surgeon was just incredibly unobservant. A few centimeters above the hole, there is a depressed area of darkened skin--presumably where the fluid had collected prior to the hair's liberation. I'm sure this sort of procedure is quite the risky undertaking, but I am quite proud of my success. As the bumps that come after the piercing and also the small scars that develop around the exit holes, many people are scared of getting cartilage piercings on their ears and nose. So, if you are planning for a cartilage piercing, it is very vital for you to know about the details of this type of piercing and also the healing time for such piercing.
Usually, cartilage piercing takes 6 times more time to heal completely than any other body piercing.
Ear cartilage piercings are of many types including tragus, daith, antitragus, helix, rook, snug, conch, shell and industrial piercings. The tissues of the cartilage have got inflamed leading to problems like pain, redness, discharge of pus, etc. I don’t know if I should take out the earring or leave it and just do salt water soaks and clean it. I worried that it might be blood poisoning, a tumor, some weird manifestation of breast cancer, or a nest of spider eggs laid subcutaneously during my carnie stint. Individual might have to take recourse of antibiotic medications in severe case of infection.
Until my medical degree comes through, I'll be gingerly shaving like a fashionable modern girl, but secretly wondering if the hippie chicks don't have the right idea. We have many examples below and we have some infected cartilage piercings as a reminder to be safe and use proper aftercare. So, people who want to experiment with cartilage piercing are always advisable to go for some genuine and experienced piercer.
The earring accessory might be in form of studs, hoops, rings, pins, drop dangling stuffs, cuffs etc.

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