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At Gembid you will always find various types of earrings such as stud, leverback, clip post , hoop, hook or clip-on earrings. In order to be sure that you will not loose your expensive earrings, choose good earring locks, such as leverback earrings. Hoop earrings usually comes in two versions of closures, which are a snap bar closure and the hinged hoop.
Clip on earrings are a perfect alternative for those who do not have their ears pierced but still love earrings. To summarise, it can be said that earring and earring lock should be simple and reliable in operation, durable, commensurate with the ear lobe and should not bother contacting with body parts. If you have learned the basic techniques from this website, then you will be able to take on any of the projects we have. If you don't have any beaded jewellery making experience, then take my crash course on beaded jewellery making which will teach you the basic techniques.

Each of the beaded projects includes what materials and tools you will need, and illustrated step-by-step instructions.
This product combines two of this seasons hottest trends – ear cuffs and cross jewellery, make sure your bang on trend and add an injection of fashion into the simplest of outfits with this earring and ear cuff.
In order to feel comfortable wearing earrings it is very important to choose the right earring lock.
Such  backing combines a traditional post with a clip that securily holds the earring in place. A snap bar is actually a thin post on a hinge that clicks into a U shaped lock, while a hinged hoop is an earring that is itself hinged in the center. The selection of earring locks is really wide, however, not every lock suits every occasion. The lever is like a safety device that protects your earring from accidentally coming undone and falling out.

The propert shut of the earring is signaled by the click heard after pressing the hinged back and the post together.
Wearring leverback earrings you will not have to worry about loosing your most precious earrings. Push back is a butterfly shape backing that is simply pushed on the post to close the earring.

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