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4.  Predrill holes through the ends of the sticks where the drywall screws will go to attach these to the wall. 5.  I didn’t bother priming it I just sprayed a coat of paint on them with my paint sprayer. 7.  Once all the cup hooks are screwed in use a level to hang them where you want them to go using a drill.
Don’t have any hidden wall space?  Check out this jewelry organizer that looks more like a piece of art than a place for your baubles. Great idea, particularly like it for the kitchen for organising measuring spoons etc, thanks for sharing.
Hola es la primera vez que le escribo pero me gustan mucho sus ideas son excelentes y esta en cuanto la vi me encanto voy agregarla en mis pendientes y seguro que la hago ya hasta estoy pensando en pasarle la idea a mi hija que tambien como usted tiene muchisimas, gracias por compartir, hasta pronto.
Also I am likely moving in a few months, and don’t want something that will require a lot of labor or be difficult to remove and transport.

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Get out your picture frame and take the glass and cardboard backing out so all you have is the frame itself. Attatch the ribbon to your frame with a dab of hot glue, this ribbon is what you will hang the frame with. I have two full lines of the Styled by Tori Spelling collection and I needed inspiration on how to store it all!
I know all that drilling took some time, but the way you have everything displayed is really the best way. I love how you used your space to your advantage, the bright yellow color, and the added secret touch ?? I’m curious, if you don’t mind me asking, did you find the hooks to be relatively inexpensive? I have been using a hanger to put all my necklaces on, need to head to the hardware store and get to making this ?? That yellow is an amazing color.

I glue-gunned cork flooring tiles onto some spare wall, stuck in some thumb tacks, and hung up all my hook earrings.
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I can’t take the jumbled mess all my lovely necklaces are in, and anyday I choose to wear one I have to very carefully unjumble the one I want! So I went to my local Lowe’s and asked for some 5 gallon paint sticks to create some hanging organization in my linen closet.

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