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Sometimes gauge sizes are listed by their size in millimeters, so we've provided a conversion.
It is important to stretch slowly and safely, increasing only one gauge at a time, and only when your ears are fully healed from their most recent stretch. A tiny tree rubber inlay serves as the mechanism holding earrings securely in place within the plugs. It is totaly flat and is not intended for anyone that is prone to having their plugs fall out of their ears. For more information about how long to wait between gauge sizes, see our ear stretching FAQ's.
You should wait until your ears are fully healed from piercing before starting to stretch and increase their gauge size. If you any questions regarding sizing, please click the question mark to the right or contact us.

Width: 15mm, .5? These are hand carved, so no 2 earrings are exactly alike, but they are pretty darn close! Always original she takes her inspiration from Thailand's hill tribes and their design motifs. They are layered with blue marble acrylic, beautifully grained wood and gold foil encased acrylic. The earrings are crafted by hand combining white horn with sterling silver squares with a rustic hammered appearance. Add these smiling little skulls to your jewelry collection for a spicy addition to your favorite casual-day-denim or add a little edge to your favorite party dress.
The black Lucite skulls show off a polished shine with smooth edges and two sparkling black crystal eyes. Vivienne Westwood presents a dazzling set of classic earrings that add a touch of glamour to any outfit.

A silver imitation rhodium asymmetric heart is fully embellished with clear Swarovski crystals and features a silver Vivienne Westwood Orb at the centre. Meaning Jewels in Akan the earrings are crafted by hand with patterned terracotta beads and shiny resin beads as well as sese wood. For her innovative design Napapat selects ornate silver beads shaped like knots from Thailand's hill tribe artisans. She knots the earrings by hand in a design that exalts the artistry of Thailand's hill tribes. He uses traditional tools to craft the sterling silver stud earrings by hand featuring a florid geometric pattern.

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