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If you were wondering if we’re sick of sparkle yet—in the past few weeks, we’ve overloaded on all things sequined, shiny, and covered in glitter—the answer is: no! The holidays are the one time of year you can go all-out glam without feeling costume-y, and we’re taking full advantage. Pieces Fanuria Opaque Stone Necklace ($44): We’ll start this roundup with a real stunner –– this chunky chain and gem necklace. DIY Macrame Rhinestone Bracelet: We love the simplicity of these bold macrame bracelets that are embellished with rhinestones, big and small. DIY Mirror Tile Necklace: This is the latest statement necklace from yours truly, and we’re totally rocking it on New Year’s Eve. Lady Marmalade Mini Necklace ($128): Just when you thought rose gold couldn’t look any more amazing, it pairs up with foil glass stones for maximum shimmer. DIY PVC and Rhinestone Necklace: We’re no stranger to clear vinyl necklaces, and we’re smitten to see that this sheer bib got a bedazzled makeover. DIY Rhinestone Ear Cuff: We have to admit, the ear cuff is a trend that we still haven’t tried ourselves, but if we were gonna rock this edgy look, this is the way we’d do it.
Rope and Rhinestone Necklace: This might be our favorite DIY statement necklaces that we’ve ever made.
Crystal Rosette Necklace ($150): This crystal rosette necklace might be the ultimate NYE accessory.
Rhinestone Chain Bracelet: We’re just nuts about this ultra hip twist on a rhinestone bracelet.

Shourouk Leitmotiv Yildiz Neon Pink Necklace ($300): Of all the store bought pieces on this list, this necklace has to be our fave.
Candytuft Ring ($108): Why settle for one rock when you can totally fit two on your finger? Shourouk Baraka Rococo Emerald Rainbow Bracelet ($334): There might not be a better way to instantly glam up a bare wrist. DIY Rhinestone Earrings Kit ($20): We combined our love of color and sparkle to make these eye-catching embroidery floss hoops. Coast Milo Stud Earrings ($22): Every lady needs a solid pair of sparkly earrings at her disposal. Whistles Baguette Ring ($55): The symmetry of these long cut rhinestones make this sparkly ring super chic.
DIY Statement Necklace: We bet you’d never guess this necklace wasn’t store bought if we didn’t indicate it in the title. This pack of earring backs includes 4 common types that suit all types of pierced earrings. So now it’s time to amp up your glitzy options in the jewelry department with rhinestone-studded pieces that you can buy and DIY.
Mirrored mosaic tiles pop against teal faux leather pendants to make for an eye-catching collar.
These deep-blue rhinestone clip-ons would look brilliant with cocktail attire or even paired with a white tee and boyfriend jeans.

Style this necklace right –– with an updo and plunging back so the gorgeous crystals can be seen by all –– and you’ll definitely be escorted straight to the nearest movie premiere.
We love that these towering baubles are fixed to emerald rope, which gives it a fresh feel. Sure, it takes the sparkle out of the equation, but with a hot color like this neon yellow, we promise you won’t be missing it. Good news is that if you’re totally head over heels about this rhinestone and chain combo, you can buy all the supplies you need to make it in this DIY kit. Choose from three colors to match your style. From classy, shimmering staples to show-stealing statement pieces, here are 30 ways to rock sparkly jewelry.
Neon yellow cord makes it stand out from the crowd without overwhelming the sparkling rhinestone trim, so it’s wearable to work as well as out on the town. We used a similar technique (sans rhinestones) to make drop earrings and a chevron necklace using sequins.

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