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If Rocket Ride wasn’t already enough of a plain statement that Edguy wasn’t going to care about anyone’s expectations anymore, then Tinnitus Sanctus definitely sealed the deal. Take opener “Ministry Of Saints”: as atypical a starting shot as Edguy has ever come up with. Yet, “Nine Lives” snaps you out of the illusion power metal is coming back and is once again a mid-tempo stomper now dealing with heartbreak in a “Catch Of The Century”-fashion.
Best silly joke: The lyrics to “Aren’t You A Little Pervert Too?” are a golden shower of sexual innuendo, but my preference goes to “You’re the socket for the rocket in my pocket”, because it shows a skill of raucousness and rhyme unmatched in modern power metal. Edguy are: Tobias Sammet on lead vocals, Jens Ludwig on guitar, Dirk Sauer on guitar, Tobias "Eggi" Exxel on bass and Felix Bohnke on drums. On April 18th Edguy will release their brand-new studio album "Space Police - Defenders Of The Crown". On March 14th at 3:00 PM Jens Ludwig, Dirk Sauer & Tobias "Eggi" Exxel will make an appearance to meet you, greet you and sign autographs at the booth of Gibson Guitars at the Music fair in Frankfurt.
On April 18th the new EDGUY album "SPACE POLICE - Defenders Of The Crown" will be released worldwide.
On April 18th Edguy will release their tenth studio album "SPACE POLICE - DEFENDERS OF THE CROWN", followed by a world tour to kick off in Hamburg on September 19th.
Not that their eight album is a logical continuation from the seventh, but it is even more individualistic and hard to categorize than its predecessor.
A groovy mid-tempo hard rock anthem lacking any sort of melodic fury despite boasting a chorus for the ages.
I like to think I’ve had a pretty good grasp on the underlying meaning of Sammet’s lyricism so far, but matters get much harder when the songs are no longer adhering to a unifying idea like individualism and are more written from personal experience or – to use a horrifying cliche – the heart. As a songwriter always trying to evolve, it should come to no one’s surprise anymore that Sammet made something that sounds like nothing Edguy has ever done before and still very much like Edguy.
I hope you enjoyed these reviews and if Sammet ever gets his ass back in the studio I’ll be here to cover the results, provided I’m alive.
I like this band when they write melodic metal and this is a melodic metal album, but "Tinnitus Sanctus" wasn't as solid as "Hellfire Club" or "Rocket Ride." The songs "Pride Of Creation", "929", "Dead Or Rock", and "Dragonfly" are clearly the most catchy songs on here. The liner notes are exactly what they should be like, 20 pages of complete lyrics, 4 band photos, individual band member photos, 2 pages of live concert photos, 2009 European tour dates, credits and thank yous.
Now the "Space Police" has been confirmed to return to Slovakia and headline Rock Pod Kamenom in Snina on August 9th.

Early September the band will head over for three shows in London, Nuneaton and Manchester.
Besides the regular CD edition the album will also be available as a limited digibook edition containing 2 CDs. A few journalists already had the chance to give the album a listen and confirmed it's most probably the heaviest album Edguy have ever recorded ("One thing is for certain: this is definitely one of the best, if not THE best album of them ever, ever, ever" - Rock It Magazine, #80).
If anything, the power metal influences are even more absent here, and there is little of the jolliness that pervaded Rocket Ride, but rather more of an introspective touch.
With “Sex Fire Religion”, the metal slips even further away and we are close to obscene stadium rock, if that is a thing. More traditional is the lead melody of “Wake Up Dreaming Black” and with its angelic imagery it couldn’t  be anything but an Edguy-tune.
But then the outstanding epic “Speedhoven” tramples the moment, rehashes some themes from “Judas At The Opera” and could be seen as the album’s manifest of independence from prejudice. I know “Dragonfly” is about drug abuse, for example, but only from press releases and such and to some of the songs (notably “Sex Fire Religion” and “Wake Up Dreaming Black”) I can still only make vague assumptions. Paradoxical as that may seem, it makes sense when you look at the greater picture starting with Hellfire Club, where Sammet began to mix up his power metal with heavy metal and hard rock to come to the point where one is indistinguishable from the other, with the exception of a few tracks. With an awsome lead singer and song writter in Tobias Sammet this album is a band on top of their game.
Well, personally I have enjoyed every Edguy album ever created, yet this is power packed with some of their most mature and dark material they have ever done.
Later in September the band will head to England before the contintental European tour is going to kick off in September. The stylistic changes bring out the best in Tobias Sammet’s voice and I daresay this album features one of his finest vocal performances to date.
Still it’s a far cry from “Theater Of Salvation” and any naive hopes of former glory are crushed once again with the fish-out-of-water “Dragonfly”. My guess is as good as yours and I’m sure this album is open for a wild variety of interpretations. You will not find the slick and fun "Lavatory Love Machine" material on this album, the lyrics are deep and emotion filled, however, Tobias Sammet does not go overboard on the serious side either.
Fans of the first hour can breathe easily when “The Pride Of Creation” kicks in, proving that Edguy can still write a Queen-ish power metal song a la “Judas At The Opera”.

The refrain has all the bombast and choirs you can expect from your power metal, but the verses are bluesy and esoteric, making for an odd but satisfying blend of genres.
Sometimes that’s even better than when the message is overtly clear, even though that sounds like a lazy conclusion on my account. If you are like me and you like your music innovative and challenging, you might appreciate this for the splendid genre experiment it is.
These songs are reality driven, "The Pride of Creation" is a track that embarks on the philosophical side of religion, albeit done tastefully with class. We'll keep you updated here and let you know where and when to pre-order the collector's edition to make sure you get one!
This time, Toby is mocking not the press but the idea of creationism and the wonderful creature known as the aardvark.
Balladry sweeter than sugar arrives with “Thorn Without A Rose”, a touching moment of quiet before the album’s final rocking stage. If you are not, well, there are still enough catchy choruses on here to liven up your showers. Overall, Tobias Sammet makes you think about the lyrics throughout this album, this I find very appealing.
As for the music itself - brace yourself for what I feel will be the very best Power Metal album of 2009! Very monumental are the guitar leads, addictive are the hooks and melodic power of each song. The energy, the background vocals, the musicianship and of course the lead vocals of Tobias Sammet are as great as Power Metal could ever claim to be.
To me, "Tinnitus Sanctus" is so good, I keep looking at the actual liner notes to make sure I am not imagining things. Definitely, without any reasonable doubt, buy this album and prepare yourself for what should be on every 2009 top album list for Metal.
Edguy and Tobias Sammet really raised the Power Metal bar here, it will be raised again by Edguy too.

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