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When dealing with those flying, buzzing yard pests, you have to make sure you know what you are battling. Those are a few a€?interesting ideasa€? but there are other natural steps you should take, to ensure you are not actually attracting them, and get rid of them once and for all. Wasp stings can certainly hurt, and if you are allergic to them they can be quite dangerous. While they are not as remarkably beneficial as bees when it comes to pollination, they are pollinators. When they feed their queen, the yeast stays with her through the winter and then is carried back to the grape plants by new wasps in the spring time. Although many people believe that wasps are just aggressive and will attack for no reason, this is really untrue.
Generally speaking, if you behave in a calm and quiet manner around wasps and dona€™t bother them, they will not bother you. Be that as it may, sometimes wasps set up their nests in very inconvenient places where you cannot avoid encountering them. Depending on the location of the nest, you can deliver your dish soap and water mixture using your hose and garden sprayer or a spray bottle. To relocate a wasp nest, wait until ita€™s full dark on a cool evening and sneak up on the nest armed with a plastic container that has a tightly fitting lid. The next day the confused wasps will wake up and go about the business of building a new nest someplace else. Be sure that whatever you use is large enough that it will prevent the wasps from simply digging around the item and getting away. Naturally, If you remove a wasp nest, you do not want the wasps to come right back to your house and build a new nest.

Wasps are also repelled by the site of a plastic sandwich bag full of water and a single penny. Just put this contraption together and hang it up anywhere you do not want insects to congregate. To keep wasp populations down, be sure to patrol your property in the wintertime and look for empty wasp nests. Ita€™s easy to take these down and follow the prevention steps listed above to keep the wasps from setting up housekeeping again.
When you are outdoors, avoid wearing light, bright colors such as white and yellow as these seem to be attractive to wasps. Be aware that floral scented care products such as perfumes, shampoo and conditioner may also attract wasps.
As long as you avoid running around screaming and waving your arms in the air, you shouldna€™t have problems with a small wasp population.
If you do have problems with a badly located wasp nest, follow the suggestions presented here to eliminate, relocate or discourage wasps naturally. I always keep a lot of produce in the house, so there’s always a few fruit flies buzzing about. Honeybees are actually an asset to your garden and they typically wona€™t bother humans or animals unless they are threatened. Wea€™ve had some very interesting a€?ideasa€? or solutions on naturally keeping wasps away from the house. No matter what you are targeting, you are almost certain to kill or negatively impact innocent bystanders such as beneficial insects, your pets, your children and yourself.
Ita€™s best to do this early in the spring when the weather is cool and the wasp nest is not very big or populated yet.

Move the tub away from the surface just enough to slide the lid on and make sure ita€™s on good and tight. To do away with them, you must locate all of the entrances to their colony and block them off. For this reason, you must make them think that a€?someone elsea€? has already beat them to it.
Just feed your pet the amount that he or she will eat in a single sitting rather than leaving food out continuously.
Having a nest or two located in out of the way places can be beneficial to your yard and garden. But last week I was faced with an unusually large amount of them, particularly swarming around my  ripe grape tomatoes. There had to be about 20-ish fruit flies hanging out by this little package of tomatoes and it completely grossed me out. Place the cup next to your produce or by the sink (or wherever you find them hanging out the most). Although this is considered a humane technique, you’ll have some casualties aka flies that got drunk on vinegar and drowned. Put it in place and slide your thin piece of plastic or the blade of your spatula between the top of the tub and the surface that the nest is adhered to. I’d remembered this tip I learned from Youtuber Megan Elizabeth on how to get rid of them using just a few household items, so I decided to try it out.

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