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Make sure you choose the type of earring that matches the occasion and your outfit to avoid fashion disaster. Originally posted by [Roy McLeod]4.  With this piece of jewelry, you can look as if you have a cartilage earring on without even going to the piercing shop for a piercing. Getting your cartilage pierced is a lot harder than other types of piecings since cartilage is very hard. Pearl is one of the most important precious gemstones that apart from having the astrological significance have remained one of the most preferred stone for jewellery worldwide.
As regards, the colour the pearl earrings are found in white, pink, black, yellow, green and many other shades. Small pearl earrings are lightweight and very comfortable for regular wear to offices and other places of visit.
These Keishe pearl earrings have been crafted out of natural freshwater pearls without any sort of cutting to maintain the original shape. The Mode Drop Pearl earrings are simple jewellery items for those who do not like heavy work accessories. Multi-colour pearl earrings can be a perfect match to your western outfits, denims and regular wear outfits. The diamond studded butterfly design on these small pearl earrings bestows a sophisticated look and adds elegance to your personality. This pair of multicolour earrings has a graceful design and can be tried with black dresses with green embroidery. These floral pearl and diamond earrings have a classy look and can be worn in high profile parties and social gatherings. These Veronica beaded earrings are extracted from fresh water pearl and have the perfect luster to be paired with a polka dot dress or a trendy pair of red denims and a white shirt. These pure white, silver earrings with pearl and diamonds have a magnificent look and can be matched with all your white outfits in the wardrobe provide there is silver or white thread embroidery. These simply twisted pristine white pearl earrings are the perfect choice for those looking for simple jewellery items. Mrittika Mondal is a fashion aficionado with keen interests on aspects of fashion, makeup basics and costume designing trends. Subscribe to the weekly newsletter for updates about Bollywood, Hollywood and Hot Designers.
They always seek for the most popular types of earring to ensure they stand out from the rest.

They use a clip, and it is usually a two-part piece that gets attached to the back of the earring.
It is among the most popular types of earring among teens, especially in schools thay do not allow stud earrings. Because of its increase in popularity, people have started to look for other means to express their individuality.
Finding the perfect cartilage earring for you is best if you visit different stores, since they come in various designs and shapes. Sometimes, two cartilage earrings are enough for ladies, especially when you want to keep yourself simple. Here’s a simple gold unisex cartilage earring that can easily be bought at your local piercing shop. If you wanna stand out more without doing multiple piercings, then why not go with a classy diamond stud earring. If you’re a fan of the Game of Thrones, then this wrap dragon cartilage earring wwill definitely catch your attention. Show your love for Mother Nature with this turtle earring that fits nicely on your upper ear. Here’s a silver cuff earring with a dangling silver feather that goes on your left ear. From piercing trends, to piercing shops and piercing inspiration we try to educate and inspire YOU by sharing our passion. Pearl jewellery can be worn with different types of outfits, at social gatherings, for regular wear purposes, and suits women of all ages perfectly.
The multiple colour pearl earrings can be paired with different types of colourful casual wear outfits. High-class, costly diamond or other precious gemstone studded earrings look fabulous with western outfits in social occasions. They can match women of all ages and perfectly compliment your regular casual wear clothes. The combination of leaf design in metal, pearl drop, and the stonework is featured with rarity and exquisiteness. Keep your outfit simple, preferably a in chiffon saree and match it with a stunning pearl or a stonework bracelet to complete the look. She is a professional writer with inclination to versatility regarding niches and composition style.

Types of earrings differ from an individual to another, but they fall into two main categories. The most common place is the earlobe but other places like the tragus, rook or across your helix are also pierced. Most custom jewelers prefer making these types of earrings, because they can be made in many varieties when it comes to setting. This stick never falls out because it’s always slightly bigger than the ear piercing. When you take a closer look at it, you might even notice that a lot of them don’t look that much different from any other kind of earrings.
Pearl earrings are one of the few necessary jewellery items found in the jewellery collection of every woman.
The white pearls have an elegant appearance and can be paired with classy apparels on special occasions. They can also be worn with sarees, salwars, lehengas, anarkalis and other traditional dresses.
As regards her preferences for Indian outfits, she is passionate and perceptive about traditional and fusion concepts. In most cases, a stud earring comes with a screw back to ensure it is securely tagged on your ear.
Uni-colour or bi-colour pearl sets also look gorgeous and can be worn during festivities and ceremonial occasions. You can wear them at parties, religious ceremonies, social events or even some simple designs are suitable for wearing them at corporate events and conferences too. This ensures that expensive earrings do not get lost in case of involvement in violent activity. The semi circle hoop earring is usually constructed to resemble a half moon and it is worn like a stud. This type of earring can also be studded with different stones and gems to ensure you choose the ones matching your apparel.
There are those which simply hang from your earlobe without any closure, and there are those which come with plastic retainers at the end of the hook.

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