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According to experts, single women looking for a happy, secure boyfriend should look for a man with a sister or sisters. Pro Tip: When surprising your son or daughter at college, make sure you know their correct dorm room number. NetherlandsPolydor 843 136-2 -->Jewelbox, tracks names in black lettering, track times in grey lettering, with 4 page inlay. NetherlandsPolydor 843 136-2 -->Jewelbox, track times and track names in black lettering, with 4 page inlay. 2009Just Ear-rings UKRPM label Retro 852Jewelbox, 2009 re-release on different label, different cd inlay front lay out with RPM print, with 5 bonustracks: Chunk Of Steel, That Day, The Words I Need, If You Leave Me, Waiting For You, release date April 27 2009. Before the international smash Radar Love in 1974 the band had scored an unbroken run of Dutch hit singles during the 60's. The reissue of their first three albums - 1965's Just Earrings, 1967's Winter Harvest and 1968's Miracle Mirror reveals that The Golden Ear-rings were amazingly assured, years before the international recognition.

Their music combined the toughness of The Small Faces and the minor-key brooding melodies of The Zombies. Their first single hit the charts in April 1965 and began a career which still thrives today. Unlike most bands of the era, The Golden Ear-rings wrote their own material they only ever recorded a single cover version.
Bonus tracks from singles complete these reissues, making The Golden Ear-rings' entire recorded works available for the first time. First edition with red ring Polydor cd-print, Golden Earrings on label, typo Golden Earrins on front page inlay. Second edition with black text on silver cd-print, Golden Earring on cd label, cd print: Made in Germany by PMDC, typo Golden Earrins on front page inlay corrected with this release.
4 page inlay contains typo's: Song On A Devil's Servant* and Murdock instead of Murdock 9-6182*.

CD1 is original Naked Truth cd, CD2 is a 7 track bonus cd from The Complete Naked Truth release.
I'm converting all the old Record Research Report files from Version 4 to online files now. 1968's Miracle Mirror took on a psychedelic influence to create an album that stands alongside song-based classics like Odyssey And Oracle, Ogden's Nutgone Flake and The Hollies' Butterfly.

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