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Back in 2012, Kim Kardashian basically confirmed her relationship with boyfriend Kayne West by showing off a pair of K W studs in her left ear, and now, she is showing some love for another important person in her life the same way. On April 24, the 33-year-old mom was spotted wearing an adorable earring that spelled out the name of her daughter "North." The sweet shout-out stud comes courtesy of famed jewelry designer (and Tobey Maguire's wife) Jennifer Meyer. Jennifer is most definitely a celebrity favorite with her pieces having been seen on Hollywood A-Listers such as Emma Stone, Nicole Richie, Charlize Theron and even Kim's sister Kourtney. And finally, I’ll end it by giving a little background to one of the teaser answers I gave you earlier.

Any bets on how quickly after the rap battle date airs Slate runs a story about the already notably racist Bachelor franchise dabbling in cultural appropriation? Does anyone besides me see the logic in crying after being booted from DWTS and leaving the glamour and adoration, the young Witney and others; now to be set free to go back to the farm in the middle of nowhere to plant corn, talk to cows, and celebrate engagement to the new fiancee he barely knows? They just had him just stomping around the stage, as though they finally realized the guy will not count music beats to save his life, so they might as well try to make it look like he’s not supposed to be counting.
He won’t know what to do without ABC telling him what to post, say, act after 3 reality shows?

I really hope this beautiful woman with so much going for her doesn’t waste more precious time on this make-believe romance.

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