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Harry Styles performed on The X Factor with One Direction last night in a headband wearing an earring. My Celebrity Fashion brings you all of the latest Celebrity Fashion news, gossip and discounts.
We know he’s in a boy band and is very likely to experiment with his look but seriously, what is up with Harry Styles recent look he wore for the 2013 X-factor final performance?
It wasn’t just Harry, the rest of the One Direction boys had dressed up like old rockers to sing their 12-year-old-girl-pop songs while a frightening amount of guy-liner made an appearance too.

Before the One Direction fans get all ratty at their heroes being compared to old rock stars they’ve never heard of, just LOOK. For the latest One Direction news, Harry Styles gossip, celebrity news, celebrity style, fashion discount codes and lots more, check out MyCelebrityFashion. In fact, he looked like a Keith Richards, Mick Jagger hybrid which is not something that should ever exist. But on Saturday he was in France at an awards show and reportedly flew back late just to spend time with that Kardashian in London, seen here arriving at her hotel well past 2am.

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