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Pioneer Home USA offers the latest technology in AV Receivers, Blu-ray Disc Players, High-Resolution Audio Players, and Speakers.
Pioneer DJ Products are the standard for Professional DJs including Digital Turntables, DVD Turntables, CD Players, Mixers, and Headphones. Because the SE-NC21M headphones actively cancel out 90% of ambient sound (measured at 300Hz), you enjoy every detail of your favorite entertainment wherever you are. Lightweight and easily foldable, SE-NC21M headphones also come with a hard carrying case designed to protect the headphones when on-the-go.

Gadgetmac is a technology-focused publication dedicated to serve up the latest and best in-depth reviews and news. On a plane, on the road or in a crowd, the only thing youa€™ll be thinking about is how much youa€™re enjoying the sound. With 120-hour, industry-leading battery life, youa€™ll have the power you need to enjoy the music you like for as long as you want. Suggested play times may change depending on ambient temperature and other operating conditions.

Actual times may differ, depending on product settings, usage patterns, battery status and other ambient conditions.

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