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He encouraged his sons to study how humans produced sound, and then challenged them to build a model. However, Bell’s notes as on March 10, 1876 make no mention of this incident and its truth has not been verified.
But thanks to a shaky grasp of German combined with wishful thinking, Bell stuck to this belief and immediately launched a series of experiments with sound and electricity.Bell knew about sending telegraphic clicks over electrical lines. Sound travelled in waves — if you have two paper cups connected together by a taut string, and you speak into one of the cups, the sound reaches the other by way of mechanical vibrations over the string. Bell only had to find a way of creating an electrical wave that would follow exactly the same wave as a person’s speech. The tip of a wire was carefully placed on the surface of a cup of vinegar, hardly touching it. Watson, come here, I want to see you!” The membrane vibrated, and caused the wire to dip into and out of the vinegar, in perfect step with the vibrations. These vibrations were carried over the electrical wire to a receiver in the hands of his assistant Thomas Watson, who was sitting in a room down the hall.

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