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We tend to take our hearing for granted, assuming it will always be there for us, even though hearing loss affects 1 out of 3 adults aged 65 or older.
Recent advances in hearing device technology are allowing those living with hearing loss to enjoy numerous benefits that were previously impossible. They resent having to repeat themselves, and adopt strategies such as positioning themselves in front of their husband or wife when speaking, encouraging lip reading and relying on handwritten notes.
Those suffering from the debilitating effects of hearing loss may be at risk for additional health woes, according to a study by the National Council on Aging (NCOA). Additionally, those who suffer from hearing loss are less likely to participate in social activities, leading to isolation and worsening the situation. With so much of your hearing happening in your brain, it’s important that when your hearing is compromised, your brain gets the support it needs. If you’re like most people, you’re used to thinking of hearing as something that happens in your ears. When the sound signals from your ears are compromised, your brain has to work even harder to fill in the gaps.
A total of 1,162 individuals with baseline hearing loss had annual rates of decline in test scores that measured global and executive function that were 41 percent and 32 percent greater, respectively, than those among individuals with normal hearing. A new programming method can give dramatic improvements to speech clarity and the overall sound new or existing cochlear implants. The method involves a new method that locates the positions of the nerve cells known as the spiral ganglion which connect to the hearing nerves.
It is in the brain that this audio advantage occurs, and it is possible to lose it through deprivation. A new study shows that in people that had hearing in both ears at one point in life benefit with two cochlear implants. Plural Publishing produces leading academic, scientific, and clinical publications in the fields of speech-language pathology, audiology, and otolaryngology.
We are thrilled to announce that Doody’s has released its Core Titles in the Health Sciences for 2015 which includes 21 Plural books!
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At Hearing Group we will provide you with expert hearing care and the latest in digital hearing aids. We will listen to your needs and help educate you on hearing loss and what can be done to improve your hearing. We strive to gain your trust and we will empower you to take control of your hearing loss for your greater benefit. If someone asks me why they should get hearing aids, I say, “I can give you 1000 good reasons, but I’ll start with 11. Personally, I don’t need a better reason than that, because I need as much grey matter as I can get.  But here more compelling arguments for why the majority of us with hearing loss should get hearing aids and wear them.

Research shows that hearing devices like Billy-Bob really do work.  Visit the blogs of David Kirkwood and  Judy Huch on this site for more information.
I attended a Mid-Town Sertoma Club of Tucson AZ lunch a couple of weeks ago and heard about their efforts to raise funds and awareness for the Pima County Hearing Aid Bank. The National Hearing Test App, hearZA, is designed to detect signs of hearing loss and help sufferers seek help as soon as possible. If your score is low, hearZA will link you to the closest hearing healthcare providers to you based on geolocated facilities across the country provided by the South African Association of Audiologists and Speech Language and Hearing Association (SASLHA).
The first 12 people identified with disabling hearing loss through using hearZA will receive a sponsored audiological evaluation at their closest provider and hearing aids donated by Sivantos and Oticon, if indicated. Get our daily newsletter!An exclusive worldwide wrap of tech news in your inbox every morning, plus exclusive offers and more! Email addresses collected for competition entries or discussion accounts are stored purely for that purpose and kept in a POPI compliant manner.
You should probably check this notice at regular intervals as it’s likely to be updated soon.
Unlike many news sites, we don’t necessarily proclaim that our reporting will always be unbiased, although we do maintain that most of the time it is. If you would like to contact us regarding a story which you feel is incorrect, unrepresentative or out and out defamatory, please contact us using the email address [email protected]. You can contact us via this form, and we’ll be updating with PGP and secure details soon. Medical Disclaimer: All health and health related information contained within this website and this product page is intended to be general in nature and should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Hearing impairment develops so gradually that many aren’t aware of a problem until is has advanced beyond an easily treatable stage.
While an estimated 36 million American adults experience some degree of hearing loss, those closest to you – your immediate family – are affected even if they don’t share your hearing impairment.
Those over the age of 50 are more likely to experience depression and its related symptoms, including anxiety, anger, frustration, paranoia and emotional instability. That’s the idea behind the BrainHearingTM technology built into Oticon hearing instruments. What people often don’t think about is what happens between their ears, in the hearing part of their brain.
There are numerous studies showing a connection between hearing loss and cognitive disorders. Our brain constantly combines information that it recieves from both ears, giving an advantage to telling what direction a sound came from, understanding speech in noisy area, and more ease of listening. Doody’s Core Titles in the Health Sciences 2015 is primarily for medical, nursing, and allied health librarians around the world who are charged with making the book buying decisions for their libraries within budget guidelines.
Doody’s Core Titles in the Health Sciences 2013 is aimed primarily at medical, nursing, and allied health librarians around the world who are charged with making the book buying decisions for their libraries within budget guidelines. Essential Purchase Titles are defined as those titles recommended for purchase by a small library. Editor Gael Hannan, and her occasional guest bloggers, explore every corner of the hearing loss life with humor and poignancy.
Not only providing accurate testing but encouraging hearing health awareness through a gamified(sic) user-experience,” hearZA lead-inventor, Professor De Wet Swanepoel said. The neat thing about these are that you can opt out yourself over at Google’s HQ, if you read through these pages on the DoubleClick cookie in particular. We will never share or sell these on, except in the rare incidence of a competition in which our promo partner insists on getting access to entries.

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We cover far more of the latter than the former, in fact, and aim to make this the number one community for genuinely interesting stuff that’s coming from South Africa and the rest of the continent. We believe that all across the continent, tech is making a difference to people’s lives in ways that are revolutionising living and working. Never disregard professional medical advice, or delay in seeking it, because of something you have read on this website. This could be avoided if we treated our ears with the same care and attention paid to our eyes; much like routine vision exams, regular hearing exams are an excellent first line of defense.
It found that patients older than 60 had a 35% higher risk of developing dementia if they suffered from hearing loss. Even behind-the-ear hearing devices are smaller than ever before, while some in-the-canal style instruments are 100% invisible. BrainHearingTM technology preserves the important details in speech, so your brain doesn’t have to fill in the gaps. Dawant, the Cornelius Vanderbilt Professor of Engineering and director of the Vanderbilt Initiative in Surgery and Engineering (ViSE). Wash away those blank looks that signal that you’re not following the conversation – again!  Improved hearing technology eases the frustration, irritation and feelings of isolation that keep you from being your most smiling, attractive, and connected self.
Wearing a hearing aid is a powerful statement of the value you place on yourself, your relationships and your role in the world. Your neck won’t thrust out at right angles to your body as you try to move your ear closer to the source of sound.
Whether it’s your life-long partner or someone new, nothing boosts romance like good communication. Movies, theatre, cards, family gatherings – you can start enjoying many of these activities again.
The onset of hearing loss has nothing to do with diminished brainpower.  By using hearing aids and assistive listening devices, you’ll learn about hearing loss and its effect on lives and relationships. Other advertising partners (such as AdClick Africa) may also drop a cookie on your machine.
In this case, it will be made very clear in the T&Cs for that compo that this will happen. Do not rely on information on this website in place of seeking professional medical advice. The study, conducted over a four-year period, monitored over 600 patients for signs of dementia. While most hearing loss cannot yet be completely corrected by surgery or assistive listening devices, a hearing aid will restore many auditory treasures.
Your diction and tonality will improve and you’ll have better volume control – of your own voice!  You will shout or whisper less in inappropriate situations.
Data showed those with moderate to severe hearing loss developed degenerative cognitive disorders at a higher rate than others, concluding that for every additional loss of 10 decibels of hearing capacity, a patient’s risk for Alzheimer’s increased 20%.

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