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ENT physicians were able to restore patients' hearing loss due to chronic infections, middle ear diseases or some inner ear problems for the last 3 decades.
Hearing loss may be conductive (obstructive), sensorineural (inner ear or auditory nerve) or mixed in nature. A complete hearing evaluation includes an assessment of hearing by air and bone conduction and the ability to understand speech. Tympanometry is a very useful and valuable method employed to evaluate middle ear function. Videonystagmography (VNG) is performed at the request of the physician to assess the integrity of the balance system and its connections as a part of the evaluation of the dizzy patient.
Otoacoustic emissions (OAEs) are objective tests to determine if the cochlea is functioning normally. Latest research indicates that common ear infection drugs trigger bacteria to build defences, meaning that for some children and adults what does kill the bacteria, instead makes them stronger.  Antibiotics used to treat ear infections can stimulate certain biofilms, which protect the bacteria, which may explain why infections return repeatedly.
Any diseases affecting the ear drum or the three small bones of hearing may cause a conductive hearing loss.
An acute infection may develop in the middle ear with resultant rupture and perforation of the ear drum. Medical or non-surgical treatment may be useful when a perforation has been present for a short time with associated ear discharge. Water should be prevented from entering the ear in all cases of perforation of the ear drum. Modern surgical techniques of the ear make possible the reconstruction of the ear drum with resulting control of infection and prevention of serious complications.
A tympanoplasty is an operation that eliminates infection from the middle ear lining and closes the perforation of the eardrum. The operation may be performed under local anaesthetic painlessly with the combination of intravenous sedation (the patient is drowsy). The procedure often requires two operations to complete reconstruction of the ear drum and sound transmitting mechanisms. In some cases the infection of the middle ear and mastoid becomes chronic and persistent drainage occurs despite all measures. The tympanoplasty and mastoidectomy procedure removes the diseased lining of the mastoid and middle ear and the eardrum is reconstructed. Some common causes of conductive hearing loss include outer ear infection, middle ear infection and perforation (hole) in the ear drum. Most cases of hearing loss stem from damage to the inner ear, where tiny hair cells turn sound vibrations into impulses that nerve cells then carry to the brain. From a doctora€™s perspective, it may sound biologically unwarranted because a depressed state doesna€™t have any direct connection with sensory perception.

If the infection does not get better in a few weeks then the doctor will treat it. Research indicates that doctors should be careful about what antibiotics are used. If you decide to visit the Hospital or have your test conducted by the Chalfont Hearing Centre then you will be seen by a qualified Audiologist registered with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC). The symptoms depend on the severity of the disease, the involvement of the mastoid bone and whether there is a hole in the ear drum (perforation).
The hearing loss may be due to a hole in the ear drum (perforation), or destruction of one or more of the three small bones of hearing (ossicles).
The perforation may fail to heal and lead to intermittent or constant ear drainage and hearing loss. The treatment involves ear drops, antibiotics, and careful cleaning of the ear by an ear surgeon. This is avoided by placing an ear plug such as "Blue Tak" or cotton wool mixed with Vaseline in the outer ear canal. A small incision is made near the top of the ear canal and a graft is taken to repair the eardrum.
The small bones of hearing may be replaced by a synthetic prosthesis, your own cartilage, or they may be repositioned. Chronic infection may lead to permanent hearing loss, dizziness, or even weakness of the face and brain infection.
This requires a general anaesthetic with an incision behind the ear with one or two nights in hospital. The type of hearing loss a person has depends on where the problem is located within the auditory pathway. The ear itself (which is also called the pinna), ear canal, and eardrum make up the portion of the pathway called the outer ear. Sensorineural hearing loss can be the result of inner ear infection, noise induced damage to the cochlea or loss due to aging (presbycusis). The most common causes of that damage are aging and chronic exposure to loud noises.A family history of severe hearing loss could signal that you’re at increased risk. The surgical techniques and prosthesis have been improved significantly to adopt human ear. However, when assessed at a closer range, it was found that the lack of ability to easily understand a conversation or the things going around them frustrates them, which eventually leads to loneliness and depression.
If you have suspicion that you are suffering from an ear infection you should visit your G.P. These symptoms may include ear discharge (drainage), hearing loss, dizziness, tinnitus (noise in the head) and, rarely, weakness of the face.
The patient is hospitalised for one or two nights and may return to work in a week to ten days.

The middle ear is composed of three tiny bones: the incus, malleus and stapes (also called the anvil, hammer, and stirrup).
I have personally performed more than 500 of these procedures in my career as ear nose and throat physician.
An incision behind the ear may be performed if special techniques are required to enlarge the ear canal in addition to the tympanoplasty.
Antibiotic packing is placed in the ear canal and this is removed at the first post-operative visit. When destruction by chronic infection is widespread in the mastoid bone, the surgical elimination of this can be difficult and requires meticulous surgery.
The inner ear is made up of the cochlea (the snail shaped structure) and the nerves that go up to the brain. The most common and easily treated form of conductive hearing loss is a large buildup of waxy secretion in the ear canal.
Healing will not be complete for at least six weeks and water should be prevented from entering the ear canal during that time. Hearing loss is classified as conductive if the problem is somewhere in the outer or middle ear pathway.
Majority of them were older men and women because hearing loss is an issue that is usually found with the elderly.
The group also consisted of younger people who suffered the problem due to various issues, including chronic diseases, accidents and other scenarios. After studying them for months, the study found that at least 50% of people with hearing loss face depression if they fail to seek hearing aids or other form of treatment. Similar to visionary problems, the ability to hear sounds and voices is an important sensory organ for the human brain to function properly. When it fails to do its duty, people start getting frustrated easily and start feeling anxious or lonely. The condition slowly deteriorates to a point, where they became extremely depressed.Unless and until psychological treatment is provided by professionals, it is tough to bring them out of depression because many in the group have already avoided treatment for years.
It was a mental issue that was caused over prolonged periods, which require solutions that are equally extensive, concluded the team.A wide range of problems are faced by people with hearing issues apart from depression. Many of them tend to develop dementia over a period of time, while others face social isolation, which results in cognitive disorders. If they are treated the right way and use peripherals to help them hear better, they can easily come back to normal life and have better control over their emotional outcomes, according to David Myers, a Psychology professor at Hope College in Michigan.The research was conducted for academic purposes, but for a common man, it is evident that they should immediately treat any kind of problem, be it physical or mental to lead a peaceful life.

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