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Although, it is common for people to have some hearing loss at age 70, hearing loss is not necessarily a given based solely upon age, and there are many elderly people who have no hearing loss. Mixed hearing loss is a mixture of both conductive and sensorineural elements of hearing loss.
Tinnitus is a "ringing in the ears" that results from the brain's attempt to fix a hearing loss and is therefore a symptom and not a specific type of hearing loss. Hearing damage has been a battlefield risk ever since the introduction of explosives and artillery, and the U.S. If you believe you have a hearing problem, then see an Audiologist or a Otolaryngology specialist (ENT doctor).
In other words, any abnormality in any of the above could be - and often is - due to an imbalance or improper functioning brain function. How Much Do YOU contribute to premature brain aging through the life style choices you have made in the past and continue to make.
Have you ever read the potential side effects of the currently so popular anti-depressants? In order to improve brain and nervous system function, adequate digestion and dietary modifications are of utmost importance.
A reduction of carbohydrate intake, adequate consumption of essential fatty acids and protein combined with a healthy digestive tract will create the biochemical basis for optimal brain function. The statements in this web site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
Many causes of dizziness are associated with ear problems; hearing problems are also associated with dizziness in many cases. Dizziness can be caused from any abnormality in any of the systems of the body related to balance.
Ear dizziness is a common cause of dizziness, and there are many types of ear disturbances that can cause dizziness.
Central dizziness is related to dysfunction of the central nervous system or brain stem, the computer part of the brain that coordinates information from other body systems. The information that you give regarding the characteristics of your dizziness is the most important tool in determining what type of problem you are having.
Because the balance portion of the inner ear is intimately related to the hearing part, a hearing test is necessary in evaluating most types of dizziness. Often, blood tests are needed to evaluate causes of dizziness and these are ordered through the laboratory. Sometimes a scan of the head, such as a magnetic resonance scan (MRI) is needed to examine the structures inside the head. Occasionally, tests are needed to measure the blood flow through the small vessels in the brain. This is the most common type of dizziness and is our reaction to transient low blood pressure to the brain. This is a condition of the inner ear that causes momentary dizziness in the form of vertigo.
On occasion, either due to a viral infection of the inner ear or balance nerve or a decrease in the blood supply to the inner ear or balance nerve due to system blockage, one can have a very sudden spell of spinning sensation (vertigo) with accompanying nausea and sometimes vomiting.

A helpful illustration of this condition would be seen in imagining an airplane with two engines. Meniere’s syndrome is a disorder of the inner ear characterized by the triad of hearing loss, tinnitus, and episodic vertigo. Occasionally with increased pressure in your head with severe straining or, as occurs with scuba diving or some airplane flights, pressure changes can rupture one of the membranes in the inner ear.
This is a French word meaning sickness after disembarking as one might get from coming off a boat.
Anxiety or panic attacks are generally characterized by feeling that the heart is racing with sweaty palms and tingling of the lips and fingers, and an overwhelming feeling of anxiety. Sometimes small blood vessels that are adjacent to the brain will press on the balance nerve and cause dizziness. Occasionally with a very severe blow to the head, the computer part of the brain can be bruised and can cause persistent imbalance. Both inner ears send messages from the semicircular canals, the utricle, and the saccule to the brain stem or computer part of the brain. Many of the questions you see on the dizziness questionnaire you will fill out are difficult to answer.
Most of us have experienced this light headed feeling when arising quickly, especially after we are dehydrated or tired. Some people get dizzy when their blood sugar gets too high or too low, as is seen in diabetes and hypoglycemia. Initially, it is often helped with the use of medications to smooth out any irregularities in the brain stem. This is usually described as a vague light headedness related to a general sense of lethargy.
Fortunately, these hearing losses are usually only temporary and can often be reduced or eliminated by the appropriate medical intervention. When hearing loss is detected the thresholds fall into the shaded areas, meaning sounds in this range must be increased in level (amplitude) for you to hear them.
Therefore, hearing damage is the most common disability in the war on terror, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs. The brain stem also receives information from the eyes and special sense organs in the muscles and joints of the neck, arms, legs, and feet, which tell the brain when weight is shifted or when there is a strain on one particular part of the body; this is known as the proprioceptive system.
It is very important in the test to avoid any strong pain medicines, alcohol, medicines for dizziness, sleeping pills or antihistamines 48 hours before this test. However, if the rudder is set properly, the plane can go straight on just one engine or on an irregular supply from each engine. When a person first gets off a lengthy boat cruise, he or she feels as if the ground is swaying. In cases in which it is present, it is very helpful to remove these blood vessels from the balance nerve and insert a small piece of felt between the vessel and the nerve to stop this dizziness. The brain stem, or computer part of the brain, takes information from the inner ears, eyes, and proproception. Examples of this include the sensation one gets when sitting in the car at a stoplight and the car next to you rolls back as you are looking at it.

In a young person, the blood vessels squeeze, the heart beats faster and no change in blood pressure occurs.
With BPPV spontaneous dizziness does not occur; it is always caused by some change of head position. The first line of treatment is to try and restore the balance organs to good health through the use of various medications.
Frequently, the hormonal changes that women experience in the menstrual cycle and at menopause can cause dizziness. The patient wit this type of problem can expect to see slow improvement up to eighteen months after the injury. You might slam on the brakes thinking that you are creeping forward when, in fact, you are still. The condition affects a feeling similar to what one would feel when walking on a large sponge or in a “moonwalk” playhouse.
However, in older persons and especially those on heart or blood pressure medicines, these compensatory responses are prevented.
Sometimes, it is difficult to sort out whether the dizziness causes the anxiety or whether the anxiety causes the dizziness.
This condition, if it occurs frequently, can be helped with adjustments to medicines, postural precautions, and use of compression stockings.
After the early phase is over, it is helpful to begin an exercise program that allows the computer part of the brain to compensate for the irregular information it is receiving from the crippled ear.
Often, it is helpful to try a course of medicines for panic disorder to see if that will help relieve the problem. Another type of dizziness due to eye problems is evident when one wears another person’s glasses and tries to walk. Usually it is not reversible but can be overcome by using a cane to get proprioceptive information via the arm. Most of the time over a period of weeks, with tapering off of the inner ear tranquilizers and increasing exercise for the inner ear, one restores the normal balance mechanism. It is also more difficult to walk in the dark due to the lack of information from our eyes. Sometimes physical therapy can be helpful in conditioning the body to rely more on the inner ear and visual systems to help with balance.
Sometimes, however, the inner ear is very crippled and it is very difficult for the brain stem to make compensation. A person feels stable when he or she is in a car, on a boat or a plane moving along, but the moment they step on firm ground, they feel imbalance.

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