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Everyone has heard of Botox, this is the injection system in which strains of the botulism bacteria are injected into a certain site in order to paralyze the muscles in that area. Botox treatments for TMJ or jaw tension disorders by injecting into the facial muscles of the affected area relieving the lock jaw and pain. There are tons of great benefits to using Botox injections and with a proper physician handling your injections. Incoming search terms:give respect take respect (24)respect (17)boys give respect to 1girl (1)Thanks for sharing! This can cause swelling and discomfort for a time with results typically lasting for a few months.

In a cosmetic sense, someone like a cosmetic dentist or plastic surgeon will inject Botox into a selected area of the face.
In this case, doctors will inject Botox into the arm pit or feet to help paralyze and swell the sweat glands that are producing too much sweat.
The muscles in this area will essentially become paralyzed for a period of anywhere from a month to six months depending on the dose and the individual. Botox is injected into the scalp to help relieve pressure on the blood vessels of the head.
Migraines are caused when the blood vessels in the head swell creating uncomfortable pressure and pain.

The Botox injections stop those vessels from being able to contract and expand so violently helping to minimize the pain and discomfort that is associated with migraines.

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