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We offer hearing evaluations, pediatric testing, auditory brain stem testing, and hearing aids, in addition to other services. You and your loved ones don’t have to suffer hearing loss.We can get you started on your road to recovery. Quick and easy, the online hearing test can help you decide before an appointment if you need hearing aids.
We carry top of the line products from a variety of hearing aid manufacturers to fit your needs.
Working within the medical community, my practice provides diagnostic and rehabilitative audiology services to enhance communication of infants, children and adults through assessment, remediation and professional training and teaching. Assessments regarding the level of amplification that would be best suited to my patients are generally completed following a comprehensive hearing evaluation.

Most of us, when asked about the main function of the inner ear, would respond, "It is our sense of hearing". We provide custom earplugs, ear molds and monitors for musicians, swimmers, hunters and many more to protect your hearing and prevent further hearing loss.
A rock concert can expose you to 120 decibels, which will begin to damage your hearing in only 7.5 minutes.
Because the presence of a hearing loss is not visible, these effects may be attributed to aloofness, confusion, or personality changes. 15 millionThe number of people in the United States with hearing loss who avoid seeking help. People often resist seeking assistance for hearing loss, but chatting with them about the causes, effects and prevalence of hearing problems may help.

Flu Symptoms 2012Tuesday was about the same but then I started to develop some shortness of breath if I walked too fast or went up just one flight of stairs. Southern Ute Drum• Shortness of breath • Feeling light-headed, queasy, or breaking out in a cold sweat If you think you’re having a heart attack, call 911 right away. I also actively participate in the prevention of hearing loss through the provision and fitting of hearing protection devices, consultation on the effects of noise on hearing, and consumer education.
It may be intermittent, constant or fluctuant, mild or severe, and may vary from a low roaring sensation to a high pitched type of sound.

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