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Snoring is a sound that occurs when there is a vibration of your soft palate (the back part of the roof of your mouth) while you are sleeping.
Halitosis is bad breath which might occur to anybody and is associated with dental or gum problems. In usual case, upper respiratory or throat infection blocks the eustachian tubes which connect the middle ear to the throat. Usually ear infections heal on their own within 2-3 days without treatment, since the immune system clears out the bacteria or virus which cause the infection. Zinc gluconate glycine, pectin, methyl cellulose and propylene glycol form a thin protective mucus layer over the walls of the throat which relieves minor pain, inflammation and irritation. Dextromethorphan is a moderately effective cough suppressant which acts directly on the brain to increase the threshold of cough. People sometimes have difficulty swallowing, and this is sometimes related to a throat infection or some other minor problem, which goes away after a day or two.
Find health and lifestyle advices & Get answers!Share real-life experiences with more than 250,000 community members! It happens when fluid becomes trapped in the middle ear section due to various reasons like cold, allergy or throat infection. If air does not reach the middle ear, it will cause vacuum which in turn pulls the fluid from nose and throat in the middle ear. Children in the age group between 6 months to 2 years are more susceptible to ear infections because they have less developed immune system and also due to the size and shape of the eustachian tubes.
Children who are at such centers are exposed to higher infections like common cold and are thus at more risk than kids who stay at home.
Babies who are bottle-fed, especially in the lying down position are more susceptible than breast fed babies.
Susceptibility increases during fall and winters because cold and flu is more prevalent at that time. Chances of contracting ear infection are higher when there is high exposure to polluted air, tobacco smoke, etc. In case the ear infection does not heal within 2-3 days, the doctor may prescribe some antibiotics. When the eardrums are intact, ear drops containing anti-pyrine-benzocaine-glycerin is given to relieve the pain.

Teaching children to wash their hands regularly and to cough and sneeze in a tissue or arm crook. When the number of children is less, there are less chances of contracting bacteria or viruses. They prolong childbirth, thin blood and have significant effects on the vessels of the newborn. Good hydration boosts the metabolism, enhances the immune system and improves defenses against infections.
It accelerates the transport of food from the stomach into the duodenum reducing the risk of reflux (improves gastric emptying). The most common bacteria to cause ear infection is streptococcus pneumoniae (pneumococcus).
Also seasonal allergies are higher due to high pollen count and this could lead to ear infection.
It is usually prescribed for the child below 2 years of age when the infection is very severe, it has not subsided in 2-3 days or if any further complications are seen. The bottle should be warmed up by placing in warm water and then the prescribed dose should be administered in the infected ear. Regurgitated stomach acids damage not only the throat but also teeth leading to dental caries.
Prostaglandin is a potent chemical released during inflammation, which is responsible for many effects of inflammation. Common ingredients of cough drops are benzocaine, eucalyptus oil, dextromethorphan, menthol, honey, pectin, propylene glycol, methyl cellulose and zinc gluconate glycine. Additionally, it controls mucus secretion in the airways and may reduce severity of asthma. Codeine was used until recently as an effective cough medicine, but recent studies have shown it to be ineffective. Studies have shown that there is an increased incidence of infections if you have dehydration.
Herbal tea contains substances that form a thin film of protective mucus (demulcents) over the throat to relieve irritation and inflammation.
In response to these chemicals, the lining of the nasal passages and throat swell and secrete mucus.

One theory suggests that the high sodium content in chicken soup produces an effect similar to gargling with salt water. The respiratory syncytial virus and influenza virus are two types which frequently causes ear infection.
The bacteria and virus use this built-up fluid as breeding ground and then lead to ear infection. They should not be taken as far as possible since they can have side-effects like diarrhea and rashes. Benzocaine can have serious side effects, for example, the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood decreases. Slippery elm, parsley, oatmeal, marshmallow, mallow, liquorice, lungwart, irish moss, mullein, flaxeed, couch grass, corn silk, purslane, comfrey and coltsfoot are known demulcents. Chronic ear infection is recurring and can cause permanent damage to the middle and inner ear if they do not clear up completely. Water diffuses from an area of low substance concentration towards an area with high substance concentration.
It contains anti-oxidants which limit plaque formation in blood vessels in the presence of high blood lipid levels.
Infective agents spread along the tube connecting the throat to the middle ear (Eustachian tube).
The stores energy sources deplete during prolonged activity and sleep is the time these stores are replenished.
Guaifenesin improves function of airway transport mechanisms and brings out phlegm more readily.
The liver, kidneys, and brain receive a good blood supply during sleep to ensure detoxification, waste disposal and neural repair. Regular water intake reduces the effects of gastro-esophageal reflux by diluting and washing away regurgitated acids.

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