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Meniere’s disease is a condition which affects the inner ear and is characterized by episodes of vertigo, variable degree of hearing impairment and tinnitus. CHININUM SULPH :- Homoeopathic medicine Chinimum sulph is one of the best indicated remedies for Meniere’s disease when periodicity of the attacks is marked. PHOSPHOROUS:- Homoeopathic medicine Phosphorous is one of the top ranking drug in Meniere’s disease associated with echoing sounds in the ears. THERIDION :- Homoeopathic medicine is also one of the most indicated remedies in Meniere’s disease with marked vertigo that comes on least motion and is associated with extreme nausea and vomiting. Though I am mentioning Theridion as the third drug in my list, I have full faith in this drug, when prescribed carefully.
Sir my husband is suffering from maniers deasese giddiness and left ear ear loss and continuous buzzing is there his condition is becoming worst and he is loosing confidence. I do have some constant worries though I do Yoga exrecises regularly but during winter months the changing temperature aggravates Vertigo and I have to stop doing Asanas .I have learnt them from Krishnamachari Yoga Mandiram at Chennai. I am having severe headaches accompanied by many sort of voices in the ears , since last fortnight. I am suffering meniere desease since last four year please help me that how I cure from this desease.
I am 47 years old and suffering from Meniere Disease for the last 15 years and I hearing has been affected by 76% in both ears. Sir im suffering from meniere’s desease for last three months and had an episode of vertigo 7 to 8 times with dizziness, ear fullness and vomiting and vertigo lasts for 4 to 5 hrs at an interval of 8 to 10 days. It has been observed that the hearing loss is intermittent, which means that it comes and goes in episodes.
And though it is not a life threatening disorder, it can cause a considerable amount of disturbance in those people who are affected by it.
These drugs may cure or palliate the symptoms and thus help the affected person to lead a fairly normal life. The unique feature for me to prescribe Phosphorous in these cases is the hearing impairment to human voices.

The persons in whom I may prescribe Theridion are generally sensitive to noises and may feel a sudden discomfort when they hear loud and unpleasant noises. I had admiited in RML Hospital New Delhi for one week and taking ten days Hyberbaric Oxygen Therapy but no improvement is occur. I had three symptoms: (1) Tinnitus in right ear, (2) Sensorineural hearing loss, (3) Episodes of vertigo. I dont experience spinning of things around me but rather feel my body is swaying right n left.
I m taking homeopathic medicine since last 8 to 10 days as u prescibed above but not getting relaxed with episode of vertigo and ear fullness. Due to recurrent episodes of vertigo and tinnitus, it may affect the ability to perform the daily routine work. There is an unusual sensation of roaring in the ears and it is invariably associated with vertigo.
The guiding symptom for Theridion to be prescribed is that, vertigo comes when the person closes the eyes. Since May 2915 the number of episodes increased and sometimes in the evening also Since Feb 2916 in the last 15 days this has happened also daily. Since then, I have lost hearing in my right ear, still have tinnitus, and I have infrequent but violent episodes of vertigo.
Is there any complete treatment available in homeopathic medicine.please advise so that I can lead a normal life. For the last 10 monthe am having severe tinnitus As fas as I know it intensified due to some domestic issues with our siblings and some specific voices and intonations began irritating me .Before this tinnitus would subside but this time it has continued for more tan 10 months . Befor my mother at one sudden morning when she get up from bed she is getting the spinning sensation . Though tinnitus and vertigo has reduced with allopathy medicines he is not able to hear anything. In severe cases of vertigo, the persons may not be able to attend office on regular basis and this could affect their confidence and performance levels.

People in whom Chinimum sulph may be indicated generally have complaints of postural vertigo and heaviness in the ears. Though there is no satisfactory evidence, but these complaints may be related to attack of typhoid fever. Theridion may be indicated in people who detest travelling because it triggers attacks of vertigo. And we consult the neurologist for spinning problem.that problem was some what cleared by using the medicines given by the neurologist. Vertigo could be very sudden in onset and in severe cases the person may fall down due to loss of balance. When asked in detail, the person may reveal that the first episode of vertigo and tinnitus had manifested just after typhoid fever. There may be an uneasy sensation in the ears with fullness or heaviness in one or both ears. There is buzzing or ringing in the ears which may become worse just before the attack of vertigo.
These attacks of vertigo may come suddenly without any warning and may last for a few minutes to hours. Chinimum sulph gives desired results when there is a considerable degree of hearing loss and affect the left ear. Many people may experience a n uneasy sensation of heaviness or choking in one or both ears.
They may be easily affected by external stimuli like sharp noises, bright lights and this may trigger sudden attacks of vertigo.

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