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Have you ever considered incorporating chains, beads and possibly gemstones into clothing rather than as separate jewelry pieces? Kalmbach Publishing who produce Bead and Button magazine just sent me this exciting new bead work how-to book called Your Seed Bead Style. Just as there are wonderful examples of handmade jewelry artisans coming up with designs based on a common theme, top flight jewelers also rise to the challenge. The Tap Plastics instructor shows us how to make our own platinum silicone mold using large glass jewels or other objects of our own. Most of us regard wedding rings in the rosiest of terms for we hope the bond will lead to a lifetime of happily wedded bliss. Most of us with significant others can safely say our partners are supportive to varying degrees.
If your desire to wear edgy jewelry outweighs courage undergo permanent body alterations, try ear cuffs.

This design shown here is from the portfolio of Brice Hardelin, a photographer and art director. One past designer I featured was Haute Ice who designs bejeweled necklines in ballroom dancing gowns.
Dagmar is an accomplished beadwork artisan and crafter from Germany who writes a dual language blog called Kokopelli Design. This witty ring design incorporates 3 different rings which signify the three different stages of a relationship. They form very rarely in marine snails called Estrombus gigas or Queen conch - just 1 in 10,000 conchs. I teamed the large shells with grey mother of pearl ovals and smaller pink shells as well as small hematite rondelles.
Her latest blog post tells about her new venture into teaching beading in the Stuttgart area.

It's an excellent design - she was joking when she said you could tell people it was an Anthropologie design. But honestly, it could pass off as an expensive piece!  By the way her pearls were from the dollar store! So let's celebrate that joyous season with some utterly lovely spring flower necklace tutorials.
They are also rarely round and are delicate as the colors can fade with time and exposure to sunlight.

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