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We're Poorly Modified, and we're here to show you what NOT to do when it comes to body modification. Anonymous asked: I see so many cute plugs made of ridiculously inappropriate materials, is there anywhere you know of that does custom plugs? Anonymous asked: I've heard all about how polymer clay is terrible to wear in stretched ears, but what's your take on wearing them inside a good set of tunnels on occasion? Anonymous asked: I know that it's not meant to hurt when you stretch your ears and if it hurts you're meant to stop and wait but what if you're putting the taper through and it goes through painlessly but a few seconds after its in it starts to hurt? Ear infection is caused after a cold and influenza virus which causes swelling of Eustachian tube that connects the middle ear to the pharynx.
An effervescence reaction is caused by Hydrogen peroxide which eliminates debris and tissues from areas that you cannot reach normally. Hydrogen peroxide will bubble up and eliminate foreign bodies from the ear canal, preventing infection.
While using hydrogen peroxide to clear wax, ear drum pain can be caused by it if the ear drum is perforated. It is better to take the help of a physician for severe ear infection and for internal ear infection.
Don’t use hydrogen peroxide often in single day because it may hamper in early healing of the boil. If your picture is featured on this site, you probably have something that is poorly modded. As someone with low self esteem and a tendency to over think, how would recommend getting over the fear of this?

Hydrogen peroxide is a highly reactive oxygen species so it releases nascent oxygen when applied to tissues. Eustachian tube gets obstructed and traps fluid inside the ear which provides favorable surroundings for the growth of bacteria and germs.
Fundamentally, hydrogen peroxide is used to treat infections of the external ear and to take away foreign bodies trapped in the ear. You can submit anything you find that is a poor modification, but don't submit something that is a good mod, but you just don't like it.
I don't have very thin or bony shoulders and I was wondering if you think it would be harder to pierce me apposed to a skinny person? In the case I'm talking about I waited a month and a half to stretch from an 8g to a 6gare we talking actual pain or more of a tingling burn? Hydrogen peroxide causes effervescence reaction which helps to bring out the trapped foreign particles outside so that they can be detached effortlessly to prevent any type of infection.
He claims he wants to be a professional piercer but there’s nothing professional about piercing people from your house.
What should I avoid saying?Well first off you should have the proper safety certification first. Like getting the piercing then deciding to lose weight, or should I wait until I'm happy with my weight? Your coworkers should be understanding with this because they understand you’re still an apprentice. Anything else I can do for a chance at an apprenticeship?Take a cpr class, take a blood born pathogen course too.

Hydrogen peroxide also has antibacterial properties so it is used as a sterilizer and antiseptic. There are three types of ear infections such as otitis media, otitis interna and otitis externa. Hydrogen peroxide is also used for softening and removing ear wax which is a significant cause of ear infection. When hydrogen peroxide comes in contact with a bacteria-laden cut or wound, extreme bubbling is seen as the oxygen being released and bacteria being destroyed. Otitis externa (external ear) infection develops in the external ear, otitis media (middle ear) infection develops in the middle ear and otitis interna develops in the inner ear. Once you feel the signs of flu or cold, developing use of the hydrogen peroxide as it will stay the infection away from reaching the middle ear or the ear canal. Talking to them and seeing if the piercing will look good and also be safe and heal well on your body will be awesome. As the young children have smaller Eustachian tubes, they are more prevalent to get the infection.

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