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Ear candling or coning is the process of using a special hollow candle to pull ear wax and debris out of the ear canal and beyond.
Attempting to ear candle oneself with paraffin candles has given ear candling in general a very bad reputation. The wide end of the hollow candle is lit, the tapered end is gently inserted into the outer opening of the ear.
The flame at one end of the candle creates smoke which travels through the tapered end into the ear canal. Tiny drops of melted ear wax, particles of yeast and mold will float on the smoke from the ear canal and beyond to the inside of the candle where it cools and collects.
The candles I use are designed to offer two burns per ear (see blue & red lines in the first photo).
I empty the contents of the candle onto a paper plate in between burns so that my clients can inspect the debris. A common argument against ear candling that everything on the plate is a product of the candle itself. I highly recommend ear candling to relieve symptoms of discomfort within the ear and sinuses.
One session may or may not relieve your symptoms so multiple sessions may be necessary and those who suffer seasonal allergies will want to get candled regularly before pollen counts climb. If you are in or near the Hilton Head Island, SC area, contact me for an ear candling session.
Carla Golden is a vegan nutritionist and a massage therapist in private practice specializing in therapeutic essential oils.
I thoroughly enjoyed my candling session this afternoon and thank you for your willingness to work me in on short notice. When I use the candles, all that comes out is pale yellow, powdery chunks, when squashed, goes to an ultra fine powder and turns an orangey colour. Hi Genie, both the inner ear and nose are connected by the throat so air circulates through them all. I have ear candled many clients with itchy ear canals however I do not recall working with anyone who specifically was dealing with eczema. I am approving your comment even though you are trying to debunk the benefits of ear candling. In the last comment to this page I see the lady has asked about the wax being released into the ear from the candle based off a cup test. I would have gained a better perspective on this practice if the four way example also included an ear candle burnt away from a human. Hi Tara, The only person I have ever ear candled who has felt discomfort has been my husband. Do you know what kind of ear candles your therapist used during the session after which you experienced discomfort? No, I have not completed a test on a non-human subject because there is nothing to learn from it. Aunt peaches: remove candle wax glass containers, You can also put the candle in the freezer, after a while the wax pops right out.

Remove residual candle wax candle jars - snapguide, How to remove residual candle wax from candle jars if you like to recycle and reuse stuff, here's one more tip for you--reuse old candle jars!.
Remove candle wax - house cleaning tips, stain removal, Candle wax stain removal remove candle wax . I choose these because they are safer than the more narrow paraffin dipped candles which burn too hot and can easily cause injury to the ear and skin. The candle is not inserted deeply or painfully, just firmly enough to create a seal all the way around to keep smoke from leaking out of the ear.
The closed fire-smoke system also creates vacuum loop sending the smoke back up the candle toward the flame. I burn the first half for one ear to the blue line, snuff the flame, empty the candle and light again. I use identical candles in both ears and make two burns for the same amount of time & candle length, therefore if all the debris were from the candle itself, all four piles of debris should be identical. It’s also a great idea to have your ears candled before flying in an airplane to relieve potential ear pressure. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Holistic Health & Healing, she enjoys helping others discover the benefits and liberation inherent in a whole food, plant-based diet. The only other option I have found is cheaply made paraffin candles that I don’t consider safe to use. I find it calming and excellent for gently removing wax and debris that builds up – especially here, where the humidity is very high. If you burn it without even putting it into your ear you will still see all that supposedly ear wax at the end.
However, it has been my experience that human ears are not made of closed glass and so beeswax ear candles are going to behave differently in glass than they do ears. I had an ear candling experince yeaterday (not from you) and have been left with an on again off again earache since.
I do wonder why you think the candle would not release debris just because it is next to an ear and not glass. He has extremely sensitive ears and hearing and didn’t like the experience so we curtailed the session. I can not recommend ear candling with anything other than wide diameter beeswax ear candles.
It’s like asking if water will behave the same being poured into a sieve versus a bowl. What the smoke of an ear candle does to a glass jar has no impact on what the smoke and candle do to an ear canal. Yes and no, depending on the circumstances of multiple variables: who is driving the car, what kind of car, weather conditions, road conditions, etc. My daughter started having her ears candled at a young age (by me) and I would never put her, her hearing, or her ears in harms way. It has been used effectively to relieve symptoms of allergies, high wax production, itching, hearing impairment, colds & flus.
Additionally, breathing the smoke created by burning beeswax is much safer for the respiratory system than smoke generated by burning toxic paraffin, a petrol-chemical.

Ear candling is a very soothing, noninvasive modality and recipients tend to fall asleep or become very relaxed. The Vegan Key™ is her newest online nutrition program based on tried and true methods which foster performance, vitality, and purpose.
In the 10 years that I have been practicing and offering ear candling to my clients, I have never come close to a plate catching on fire.
It has never been my experience in the 10 years that I have been ear candling clients and family that any residue is left in the ear. If an apple slice rots in a glass jar would you draw any conclusions from it about how that apple slice will behave inside a human stomach?
A secure seal where the candle enters the ear opening is confirmed in order to create a closed smoke vacuum. With ear candling, the type of candles matter, the experience of the therapist matters, and the state of the ear canal and the client all play into the outcome. If the candles themselves produced all the particulate and wax then each 4″ segment of the candle should produce the same amount and type of particulate and wax.
My clients experience relief from their congestion, allergies, colds, flus, and wax build up from ear candling sessions. I have only ever used one kind of ear candle and I have taken all the necessary precautions to provide a safe and effective experience. Having done this method for 10 years I can attest that no two piles of particulate or wax are the same between the four burns from the same client or between different clients. Whilst I was unwell I did the ear candling treatment but it didn’t seem to make it any better. I only use wide beeswax candles and would never use paraffin or thin candles and I would never perform ear candling on myself alone. It’s a completely different experience to candle a living human ear or a inert glass jar.
I can’t guarantee what will or will not happen for your ears should you decide to ear candle again. When I took the candle out of my ear and looked into the rest of the candle and I saw alot of stuff in it from the candle? Sinus pressure is relieved, itching subsides, hearing is improved, and congestion is alleviated. If you eat or drink dairy, I would stop as it is mucous forming and creates congestion in the body. I stand by the procedure and I recommend high quality candles under the application of an experienced therapist.

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