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Jewelry Making Journalfree jewelry tutorials, plus a friendly community sharing creative ideas for making and selling jewelry. This easy wire hoop earrings tutorial adds a graceful inner spiral that brings extra style and interest to the design. OPTIONAL: Nylon or rawhide hammer and jewelry steel block for flattening and hammering-hardening your finished earrings.
Use a tumbler instead of the hammer and jewelry steel block to harden the Zen spiral hoops.
By the end of this online video class, youa€™ll be designing and making your own artistic earwires, clasps, connectors, and pendant bails.
You’ll also learn my tips for making wire jewelry more easily, with more professional looking results. Maria Jenny, I’m glad to hear you found them so easy to make – and that they were a hit at your gift exchange! And thank you so much for asking – all of the free tutorials I post on this website are for you to make these items to sell, to give, to wear yourself – to share and enjoy! Many of my free tutorials here are things that have sold well for me, or that I feel intuitively would be good sellers – so I hope you sell the jewelry you make from these tuts and that they sell like hotcakes!
My only restriction is on the tutorial itself – that it not be republished, copied, or sold.
I had bookmarked this page a while ago and finally found the perfect wire to make these earrings.

Get every strategy and secret I've learned from years of selling my handmade jewelry at shows. A pretty pair of hoop earrings can be made using just satin ribbon and cardboard in well under fifteen minutes following the tutorial mentioned below.
Start from the top – glue the starting point of the ribbon with the cardboard to secure it well. Keep wrapping till the end of the hoop, conceal the end by applying a little heat and then glue it using fabric glue. And, of course, the fine print: Get free shipping on your next order when you spend over $100. For most that have been thinking about joining the earring-making craze, one of the most considerable projects is a primary pair of big hoop earring, which can be made in only a matter of time out of certain materials and necessary tools, for example a couple of earring hoops and several beads.
Take Glass Pearl Bead*7, string the beads with headpins respectively and bent the rest pin into loops with the Round Nose Plier.
Pick up two Acrylic Rhinestone Beads, one of green color and another of red color, with back-to-back setting; then string the top holes with one long headpin and wrap rest pin part into a triangle bail.
Before attaching the pearl beads, you should determine the positions where you want them to be.
Hook 3~4 of the pearl beads parts onto the left of the Acrylic Rhinestone Bead pendant; then the rest on the right hand side.
Need to make earrings this week to take to ArtSpace, a local gallery where I sell my jewelry.

I’ve been wanting to work with wire wrapping techniques more and this seems like the perfect place to start. I am learning to make wire jewelery and was struggling to get the circular shapes without the dents and uneven lines. Learn how to make hoop earrings once you see what you can create you may never want to buy them from the stores and more. They're unique, not too big (or small), and add just enough style to glam up any casual or nighttime look.
I’m pinning this tutorial so I can make some earrings like that for Christmas gifts this year.
Now after watching your video on the technique of creating a smooth circular shape, my earrings won’t look like they have been hit by a storm. The subtotal of your purchase must be $100.01 or greater after any promotional discounts have been applied. Additional fees such as tax or shipping and handling do not apply toward your minimum subtotal requirement of $100.01. Certain items that require additional shipping and handling are excluded from this promotion and do not apply towards your $100.01 subtotal minimum.

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