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With your head tilted, slowly squeeze the eye dropper until you have three to four drops of glycerine in your ear. About us Use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of use, Cookie policy, and Privacy policy of eHow.
Sleep with a towel on your pillow while performing this treatment so your linens stay clean.

To do this, get the rubber ear syringe (you can purchase this at the pharmacy) and a towel. Stand so that your head is over the bathroom sink and drape the towel over your shoulder and under the affected ear.
Tilt your head to the opposite side, putting your unaffected ear on your shoulder to lift and expose your impacted ear. Slowly squeeze the eye dropper with your head tilted until you have three to four drops of oil in your ear. Put the cotton ball into your ear, then leave the oil and cotton ball in until the next day.

She also can see deep into your ear with an otoscope, ensuring that the wax is completely removed.
If there is any damage or infection, she will prescribe antibiotics or pain medication until your ear has fully healed. Cotton swabs do not remove wax; instead, they push it farther into the ear canal where it does not belong.

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