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Cold wind, short change and hard feelings rolled through Ventura Raceway Saturday like a storm on rough seas. The VRA Sprint Car Main line up was standard but deceptive; seaman apprentice Dakota Kershaw and boson Tom Harper both on the front row.
Tom Harper gets on the lead lap but Dakota Kershaw is showing incredible tenacity and skill. Plenty of cars in the pits, but the weird weather cleared the decks and the grandstands were begging. Same for Shannon McQueen, she is a longtime staple of Midget racing and is a valuable part of the new series. Ford, Buckley, Gardner, Neiemela and a dozen other fast freaks strung out behind them like a rogue?s galley. The economy has stolen the purse, Kittle has suspended their 410 operations, select cars skip shows weekly for lack of funds and Champions are questioned. While the hardcore family members and true race fans stood with hands in pockets and collars turned up, he ripped that track to racing perfection and damn how long it took.
Although things were calm on the surface, tension and subtext rippled through the mainsheet as the green flag fell.

I find it fascinating that no matter what hell is breaking loose, with constant criticism ringing in his ears, crisis pouring in every porthole, Captain Jim will stop everything and patiently sculpt that track to perfection. Cole Custer is becoming one of the hottest racers at Ventura and that?s in those Focus things. Suddenly Rutherford?s front end gives out, he grazes the back wall and staggers into turn three erratically.
When I see hard core who will stand patiently in a freezing wind for an hour while their home track is prepped; it?s like the sun is breaking through. Robby Josett and the VRA Midgets rolled and responded with a powerful show that put me in a better frame of mind. Ventura is The Santa Maria, the Christopher Columbus flagship, buffeted by shifting winds and fighting off mutiny in uncharted waters. Then the VRA Sprints unleashed a Main Event that defined every aphorism of racing and sent me home in a million pieces. Kruseman continues through the turn as what?s left of Troy?s front end finally collapses and kills his evening. Condemned by flat earth critics, protected by destiny and guided by a firm hand; we sail into the west, seemingly off the edge of the world.

Troy walks away from the wreck with the weight of his entire racing career on his shoulders.
In the past few weeks, Troy Rutherford is being tested in ways that few drivers will ever know.
Personally, I?m not going to spend years talking someone up and then start tearing them down. I am a committed Troy Rutherford fan and I can never repay the excitement he has delivered. With only a few laps to go, he came in hard under leader Eberts in turn three and took it away with brawn and delicacy.

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