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2002 - Louisiana, West Nile Virus has infected some 112 residents, killing five and hospitalizing dozens more.
2003 Provincial Governments have committed millions of dollars to programs that will monitor the West Nile Virus and will be putting into place more aggressive insect control campaigns during the spring and summer. 2003 The Provincial Government of Ontario has committed to $100 million dollars for the next five years to fight the West Nile Virus. Those that do get ill may suffer headaches, flu-like symptoms, sore muscles, and slight fever that can progressively get worse. Protect yourself, your employees and your family with personal protective insect repellents.
Is used in virtually all Repellents as the ACTIVE*** Active Ingredients: The Ingredients that make a Product Perform.
DEET: Using the latest health protection standards, DEET was re-evaluated in 2001 to ensure continued acceptable use and extra protection for children. In situations where a high risk of complications from insect bites exist, the use of one application per day of DEET may be considered for this age group. As with all insect repellents, the product should be applied sparingly and not be applied to the face and hands. Large 4" x 8" Single use Disposable Insect Repellent Towelette providing a full 32 square inches of material. Pump spray reduces waist from overspray and allows you to apply the product where you need.
10 hours of protection against black flies and 12 hours protection against mosquitoes and ticks. Convenient sized 110 gram aerosol can may be stored in tool box, glove compartment, first aid kits, nap-sacks, etc. May be used around electrical wires and transformers with a higher safety margin than a water based product such as the many Wasp and Foam products.
The world's first standardized and calibrated "full body protective filtration garment" to protect against heat build up and dangerous noxious particles.
Calibrated for > 99%+ retention of 0.3 micron particles with an efficiency similar to an N95 respirator. The first material to offer a filtration rating similar to particulate style respirators 95+. Body Filter 95+ incorporates the highest quality in electrostatically charged filter media into a superior filtration system. Utilizes state-of-the-art lamination technology to combine a soft non-woven fabric with micro porous film. CHEMSPLASH™ has been tested for penetration resistance by exposure under pressure to the following list of hazardous chemicals (ASTM 1001) in accordance with ASTM Test Method 903. CHEMSPLASH™ combines the economy of microporous technology with a revolutionary process of creating a surface augmented with a micro membrane over the pores. CHEMSPLASH™ is the first protective material to incorporate barrier resistance to penetration by dangerous chemicals for incidental and accidental chemical splash while providing continuous outward moisture vapor transmission to minimize the potential for heat stress. CHEMSPLASH™ is created by a proprietary process (patent pending) where a new monolithic membrane is created on top of the pores of the microporous membrane which services as a base for the new Miro-Monolithic Hybrid Membrane.
The fabric and garment is not for use with some chemicals and hazardous agents and it is the user's responsibility to determine the level of risk and the proper personal protection needed.

PyroGuard™ FR garments are made with a tough, breathable, light weight, and cloth-like material with a base fabric of hydro entangled wood pulp and polyester topically treated with a phosphate-based flame retardant chemical.
Polypropylene is a lightweight, breathable fabric that provides economical protection for various work environments. WARNING: All Elk River products must be used in a specified manner in which they are intended. Pinnacle ® Tower AL- Six D-rings with a steel D-ring at the chest and aluminium D-ring located at back,hips and saddle. Available with Single D-ring located at center of back or 3 D-Rings, one center of back and 2 on hips. Ideal for applications that require flame resistance, protection against sparks and additional cut resistance like welding, sandblasting, etc. 1 D-Ring with Parachute Mating buckles on chest and leg straps: 95102 Fits Small to Large, 95104 fits Large to Extra Large. 1 D-Ring with Quick-connect buckles on chest and leg straps: 95122 Fits Small to Large, 95124 fits Large to Extra Large.
3 D-Ring with Parachute Mating buckles on chest and leg straps: 95302 Fits Small to Large, 95304 fits Large to Extra Large. 3 D-Ring with Quick-connect buckles on chest and leg straps: 95322 Fits Small to Large, 95324 fits Large to Extra Large. This complete kit not only includes a harness, lanyard but also an anchoring sling that will allow you to attach to a secure point.
CARABINERS - All Elk River Auto-Locking Carabiners meet the new ANSI standard requiring 3,600 lb. Consists of Tripod assembly, Winch, Winch Bag, One Auto-locking Carabiner, Life Line, Lifting Yoke Lanyard. Consists of Tripod assembly, Self Retracting Lanyard, Winch, WinchBag, Two Auto-locking Carabiners, Life Line, Lifting Yoke Lanyard. Heavy-duty polyester rope bag features carry handles, 2 D-ring attachments at top and drawstring closure top. We have adopted the use of the figures and symbolsbelow to indicate the suggested use of a particular product. Trailing Rope grab and attached 2' ZORBER® shock pack energy-absorbing lanyard permanently attached to rope grab and lifeline.
Research shows that noise doesn't merely impair sleep, but boosts stress and exacerbates agitation.
If reports late Thursday out of Seattle are to be believed, the additional seating appears to be the plan for the 2014 NFL season. It can cause fatal inflammation of the spinal cord and brain (encephalitis) in certain birds, horses and humans. For example, if you plan to be outdoors for a short period of time, choose a product with a lower concentration of repellent and repeat application only if you need a longer protection time.
The Body Filter 95+ will provide "keep out" dry particulate protection while providing 125 times more breath-ability than the leading brand. Exceptional abrasion resistance is provided by a unique aperture molded hard plastic polymer grid on the surface. More than 120 times air flow permeability when compared to the Calendared Polyolefin Fabric.

This technology allows us to offer a fabric with superior liquid barrier, better particulate barrier, stronger tear resistance and lower lint then other fabrics. The result Hybrid Breathable Membrane System is a transformed barrier which retains "breathability" but becomes highly penetration resistant (ASTM 903) to a broad group of dangerous, noxious and poisonous chemicals (ASTM101). This combination of flame retardant chemistry and wood pulp causes the fabric to char at temperatures below the fabric's ignition point. Polypropylene is appropriate for use in non-hazardous work places and is a low-cost solution for non-hazardous dry particulates, dirt and grime. Available with single sliding D-ring located at center of back or with 3 D-Ring style, one sliding D-ring center of back and 2 on hips. Designed for lowering and lifting personnel in and out of confined spaces where a tripod system is required. And, if it actually happens, God help everyone in that stadium without earplugs industrial-strength safety earmuffs.
Foster declares a state of emergency as mosquito borne virus has been found in every corner of the state. The breath-ability greatly reduces heat build inside the suit providing extended comfort for prolonged use.
This action deprives flames with a fuel source and provides a rigid structure for the component polymers to adhere to. Noise also raises the risk of medical errors, according to the Hopkins study.Patricia Madden knows the problems well. Now, imagine 2,000-3,000 more seats built straight up in what is now a large opening in the south end zone.
It is the responsibility of the user to select garments which are appropriate for each intended use which meet all health, safety and regulation requirements. A recent Johns Hopkins University survey reported that average daytime hospital sound levels have risen from 57 decibels in 1960 to 72 decibels today, equivalent to a busy restaurant. She is a San Jose doula who helps women in childbirth at Stanford, El Camino Hospital, Kaiser and other medical centers. The University of California-Davis Medical Center has an afternoon "quiet time" when carts are banned and TVs are turned down.
Every hour or so, something was beeping."Regina Brittingham, recovering from surgery, covets the peace she's getting at Stanford Hospital. So the noise detectives investigated several units, each with their own characteristics — but all known for noise.
The long hall in orthopedic surgery, housed in an old part of the hospital, is a conduit for clamor. Regulations require that a few tools, like cardiac monitors, be loud enough to capture the attention of all nearby staff.
Although the monitors are designed to alert the team to dropping levels of oxygen in a patient's bloodstream, they also beep when the taped sensor slips off when patients perspire.

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