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25 February, 2015 1 CommentAlthough half of the world is reeling under snow, the fashion world is ready to embrace the Spring. Array of chokers: Chokers have been in vogue for the longest time, and the designs are varied enough to own something for each day of the week.
More on the boho way: Bohemian and hippie fashion is all about the ways you interpret the ideas and some of the designs are certainly more than basic. Return of pendants: The coming Spring will also see a lot of pendant accessories, either hanging in lean chains or even in threads. Styling in Spring 2015 brings quite a few unconventional ideas, which leave ample scope to get started with new statements both at work and for the casual days. Author Bio: Suzy Walsh is the editor-in-chief for The House Of Elegance Fashion and has worked with some of best known online blogs and portals as their guest author and writer on trends, style and fashion.
Accessories that do not keep time or function as something important to that person, are pointless, it doesn’t make a beautiful woman look more beautiful!
Tanzanite is a unique gemstone for many reasons, and one of those is that unlike most other gems it is only found in one place and that single supply in Tanzania could run out very soon. According to an independent report created for the London Stock Exchange in 2013 there could be just 30 years left of tanzanite mining – a figure that experts working on the ground in Tanzania agree with. Fei Liu has created this cocktail ring with a tanzanite central stone surrounded by pavé made from seven colours of sapphires.
As such, many designers are choosing to work with tanzanite right now in reaction to increasing customer demand. While faceted tanzanite is still hugely popular, and designers such as Wallace Chan have been creating new designs set with them, an emerging trend is for smoother interpretations of the gem. Tiffany & Co, the company that gave the gemstone its name in 1968 after signing up as its distributor shortly after it was first found, has set a pair of tanzanite cabochon drops in diamond-set platinum. Whether smooth and shapely or sharply faceted and uniform, this colour-changing stone is capturing the attentions of many, and quite rightly so. The Spring Summer collections of 2015 were out a long time ago, and some of the new age trends are worth mentioning.

In 2014, designers and brands came up with the trend of one earring, which passed from the celebs and runways to the streets. Spring collections for 2015 had brass accessories that seemed to be developed with amazing creativity and an eye for versatility. For Spring 2015, the looks are even more versatile, and some labels like Balmain, Chanel and DKNY have actually tried new things. Labels and designers like Derek Lam, Creatures of the Wind, Edun and Donna Karan have used the boho style in their own way and the looks are essentially diverse from one another.
The new world of pendants lead the imagination to a complete new level, and if you are looking for fresh ideas, you can check collections of Celine, Derek Lam, Nina Ricci and Lanvin.
And as we all know, when the supply of a gemstone looks to be in jeopardy, value and desirability shoot up.
The gem is being used in a variety of forms, each showing off the wonderful trichroic properties of the gem that allow it to look blue, violet and burgundy from different angles. Mikimoto meanwhile has used what it refers to as tumbled tanzanite in its new Hyacinthia baroque pearl collection and Jewellery Theatre has created a ring with an incredible, undulating piece of tanzanite at the centre that it calls baroque tanzanite. Its online showrooms, directories and fair news attract over 66, 000 global jewellery Buyer every month to find new products, reliable suppliers and industry’s leading events.
Here’s taking a complete check on the best jewellery trends of 2015 for the freshest season of the year! Other designers like Givenchy and Ralph Lauren also played with embellished designs and gems, which looked equally experimental and edgy!
Click here to buy pendant designs online or you can take this as a complete new DIY project and use your own ideas for creating new styles. If you are buying clothes online, these chokers should be shopped in line with your clothing choices. You have to select a piece of jewellery according to your age, taste, and most important the occasion and wedding. Some designers like Oscar de la Renta played with colour changes for both ears while others like Nina Ricci came with different styles.

Unique designs of the Diamond lock pendants bring a unique appearance to the wearer personality.
Give a sparking and attractive look to your personality with the Diamond lock pendants on the EID.
Just Because of these benefits, people are preferred to wear the yellow gold rather than white gold and silver.
Trendy and splendid beaded necklaces, bands, and rings are very popular among the ladies in 2015. Large statement rings and dangling earrings are available in many shapes and colours to make you beautiful. Over-sized rings, chandelier earrings, and layered necklaces are considered to be the symbol of fashion in this year. Even every designer are introducing fashion jewellery items such as stylish diamond rings, necklaces with beautiful pendants, and silver bracelets in their 2015 EID jewellery collection. Many male celebrities are even wearing earrings and other jewelries which are exclusively introduced for the women. When we comes to the fashionable pieces for men Trendy bracelets, classic diamond studded watches, and gemstone rings are on the top of list.
Ladies prefer the metal jewellery in various designs with splendid colours including Gray, Brown, and Black in 2015.Regardless of your personal taste in jewellery, designer introduces a tremendous range of trendy jewellery to choose on the 2015 EID. Within the above-mentioned trends, you have so many options to choose from according to your budget and lifestyle.
Regardless of it which shopping medium you choose online or traditional store, buying jewellery are always be a fun and engaging activity.

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