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Jewelry Photography Quick-eGuide that summarizes and shows you the step-by-step process on how to take pictures of jewelry.
As you may know by now, jewelry is very difficult to photograph because it reflects in many cases up to 99% of the light is receives. Turn off the flash on your camera, and if you can, connect the camera to the wall using a power adapter.
As you may know, jewelry is one of the hardest products to photograph because of the nature of it's components. Therefore, understanding the nature of jewelry and obtaining the right tools for photographing it is essential for producing high quality jewelry photographs. If your camera cannot perform this custom adjustment, it’s very likely that you’ll end up with badly colored product pictures, especially if you are trying to take pictures of products against a white background.
Do not misunderstand the white balance feature to mean that the background is going to be always white.
Setting the Depth-of-field in your camera is an important element in photographing jewelry.
Cameras need to control the amount of light so that an image is not too bright (over exposed) or too dark (under exposed).
When photographing jewelry, we recommend you to mount your camera to a stable surface (either a Tripod or our lighting systems' "L" bracket) in order to get the sharpest photographs possible. When it comes to photographing silver, white gold and platinum high-polish (mirror finish) jewelry, the first thing one has to understand about silver is the natural properties it has. To illustrate the idea that silver, white gold & platinum jewelry mirrors its surroundings, we have placed a silver ring in three different photographing environments, and have showed you the result of each of them. When using a dark or metallic-like background, you are allowing the silver, white gold or platinum jewelry to reflect a more natural color; because you are reflecting it against backgrounds that create a contrast between the white walls of the photography lighting system and the surface it is against. Photograph silver jewelry inside a photography lighting system or light box: In order to provide the correct lighting and reflections in silver jewelry photographs, you need to have a diffused lighting source inside a closed environment. Don't expect reflection-free photographs: When it comes to the facts of nature, don't expect the impossible. When photographing jewelry, there are certain shadows and reflections that might be necessary to create a three-dimensional look, or that you may simply want as a personal preference. The first thing you need to understand about reflections and shadows is how they are produced and why they appear or exist.
What you need to do, is to avoid this direct light that creates shadows, and avoid those surroundings that create reflections in your jewelry. There are many accessories you can use to hold jewelry items while photographing, deciding which ones to use depends on the type of photograph you want, or simply your preference. Positioning your jewelry correctly is essential for getting a professional jewelry photograph.
Note: The rings were photographed inside the MK Photo-eBox™ and Gem-ebox™ with a Canon Powershot A650 IS. Diamonds and gems presented in jewelry stores do not sparkle as intense as compared to being displayed in the sun.
This photo was photographed inside a Photo-eBox Plus™ and the Mini-Lite 350-2 LED light.
While super white LEDs are great, SparkleLite products offer an additional design advantage.
When illuminating your jewelry with LED light it is important to only use the right amount of light, not too much and not too little.
This photo has been exposed to too much LED lighting, which make the ring appear too shiny. As we have mentioned before, the illumination of jewelry in photography is one of the most important elements for achieving quality photos.
Halogen lighting provides a warm light environment that provides the optimum viewing and photographing condition for rubies, pearls, opals, emeralds, amethysts. Note: Please test your jewelry with both fluorescent and halogen lighting, as different gem stones and precious stones will act differently to both types of lights. Have you ever seen and wondered how those fancy jewelry photos on magazine ads are photographed? Most jewelry photographs that are used for catalogs, online stores, eBay, or other forms of marketing, don't really look too fancy - but they should.

A popular product photography effect, is the use of a product's reflection on the surface that it is being photographed. Please Note: You can add your own backgrounds when photographing watches in order to create uniquely artistic photographs. To set-up, place the black or white reflective acrylic on the bottom of the lighting system box.
I'm sure this is something a lot of people want to achieve, but don't know exactly how to do it and what tools they need to use in order to get a perfectly white background in their photos. Get a digital camera that has a full manual mode, which also has a MANUAL or CUSTOM white balance setting (which allows you to manually configure the white balance). Use a wrap-around diffused photography lighting environment If possible, make sure it has illumination on the platform (where you'll place your items, like the one in all the MK Lighting Systems), as this will increase your success of achieving a truly white background. Place a white background inside your photography lighting system (If it doesn't already contain one). We have found out after testing various black background materials that the best material to use in order to achieve a true black background is a piece of black velvet (textile).
Place a piece of Black Velvet in the bottom & back of your photography lighting systems.
Follow steps 4 and 5 from above, and if needed also follow step #6 (you might not need to). High polished jewelry can easily get dirty with the simple touch of your fingers - which usually leaves fingerprints, or from the dust in your surroundings. Use a gem brush to dust off any unwanted particles from your rings, pendants, or other pieces. Recommended jewelry cleaning products: The SparkleLite Jewelry Cleaner Kit, which leading Jewelers, Appraisers, and Gemologists recommend because its safe for gemstones, antique jewelry, and fine jewelry - and it cleans jewelry better and faster than any other jewelry cleaning method. By clicking Confirm bid, you commit to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder.
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It is very shiny, highly polished and above all this it may contain color stones or diamonds that make the job even harder. White balance means that the camera needs to adjust itself to the ambience light you are using, to give you accurate and true colors of the items being photograph.
The first thing we need to do is to take advantage of the maximum depth-of-field that any camera has to offer.
If you hold the camera with your hands, it is very likely that you will slightly move the camera while photographing (even if you don't notice - because we as humans can't perfectly hold it still) , and your photos will come out blurry. Silver jewelry, in most instances, tends to be a natural mirror that reflects everything that is around it. This contrast, lets the jewelry appear natural in color while creating a three-dimensional look.
You have to completely understand the nature and fact that silver, white gold and platinum high-polish jewelry will always act as mirrors, and will always reflect its surroundings. Yet, there are other reflections and shadows that are unnecessary and that you want to avoid in order to have a photograph that presents your jewelry in the best way possible. Though it may seem obvious, shadows are created when an object is exposed to direct lighting (which can come from light in a room, the sun, or through the use of a regular lamp); while reflections are created in any object that is composed of reflective materials such as metals or glass.
Please read the following steps on how to avoid shadows and reflections in your jewelry or view example photo. Jewelry accessories will help you position rings, earrings, pendants, loose stones, diamonds and other pieces in various positions and angles in order to get a photograph from the perspective you desire.
When shooting photographs, you have to remember that you want to get the best shot possible of your jewelry, as it is your photographs the ones that your customers will look at and judge, rather than your actual jewelry. This specially manufactured wax allows you to position your jewelry in an upright vertical position or at various angles. While the sparkle produced by illuminating jewelry with metal-halide, halogen, and florescent lighting are good, it could be better. A scientific breakthrough in light emitting diodes (LED) has produced lighting that matches the full spectrum of the sun.
With MK SparkleLite lighting your customers will be amazed at the fire and brilliance of your diamonds and gems. By placing the LEDs on a precise angle, the effect creates multiple points of light, which brings out even more surface sparkle. Most LED natural daylight products will not allow you to control the intensity of the light with a dimmable switch, but in this example we have used the Mini-Lite 350-2, that does contain a dimmer switch and allows you to control the light.

Although most jewelry only needs to be photographed with fluorescent light, certain types of gem stones and jewelry need halogen light illumination. If fluorescent lighting is used, there will be a shift in the color of your gem stones and precious stones which might not allow you to appreciate them in their natural colors and characteristics.
While we do recommend halogen lighting to the previously mentioned types of stones, we encourage you to test both types of light.
Because when it comes to having that cover or front page photo, or photos that will make a sale, you want to make your jewelry look very special. This is a technique regularly used for photographing a very special and unique item, as it has as a purpose to make the product stand out and look "twice" as nice (the reflection). White is the most popular background used in product photography for the internet and catalogs.
This is essential in order to manually allow your camera to adapt to your photography lighting environment (studio). Preferably use a white acrylic (or something else that is white) in the bottom & back of your photography lighting system or light box. This will ensure that your background, which might still be slightly gray (rather than full white) turns into a perfectly white background. If you want to shoot straight down from the top, you only need to place the black velvet on the bottom platform (not in the back). Today's digital cameras can capture even the most small details found in your jewelry (even fingerprints and dust), and for this reason it is very important that you properly clean your jewelry before you begin to photograph it.
Experience the way thousands of jewelry professionals and jewelry owners conveniently clean their jewelry with this product.
Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount. Although many cameras will come with pre-program options or presets you need at least one custom white balance option. For this reason, one has to carefully place silver jewelry and with the correct surroundings in order to create an image that can truly show the silver jewelry piece in its true and natural look. Don't expect your photos to be completely reflection-free, as there is nothing you can do about this (unless you use an editing software). Thus, taking photos from the correct angles and perspectives is the key to successful shots.
The wax is hard and resistant, yet flexible enough for you to handle it and mold it to your needs.
Using specially calibrated and color corrected super white LEDs, your jewelry has the ability to out-sparkle the competition. Please remember that when photographing with halogen lighting, you need to adjust the white balance of your camera. Otherwise, the acrylic would reflect the white walls of the box, and would end up looking gray. By changing the shutter speed of your camera you are able to make your photos darker or brighter. By just adding a little bit of brightness and contrast to your photo, you'll be able to achieve this. Otherwise, we can promise you that you'll see tiny dust particles or fingerprints in your jewelry! If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. This means that the camera can "read" and self-adjust itself to be able to take pictures under many light conditions. Diffused Lighting means that the lighting that illuminates your jewelry should pass through a light diffuser (like the inside of the MK Lighting systems) so that the light does not hit your jewelry directly, which would otherwise create shadows in your photos (like sunlight does). Play around with the shutter speed and figure out the which shutter speed provides you with the best photo - one that is not too dark, and not too light. Many jewelry pieces don't necessarily look their best on a white background, and in fact you can sometimes appreciate a jewelry piece much more when the background creates a greater contrast in the photo. Therefore, term exposure generally refers to a combination of aperture and shutter speed control to obtain the correct amount of light. To avoid the camera's reflection (as in photo 3) we move the ring, so that the purple stone would be directly in front of the camera lens, and thus avoiding it's reflection in the silver of the ring.

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