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This gorgeous chocolate leather jewellery box is the perfect place to store all those special items that you want to keep in a safe place. This stylish jewellery storage box is new in to STORE and offers a great solution to protect your treasured charm collection.
Our lidded charm jewellery storage box can be used alone or stacked (right of top image) with our other interlocking matching jewellery storage boxes (see below) to provide a bespoke modular solution for your bead or charm collection. Makes for a great gift and why not add a new charm to the empty box for an extra special gift! This stylish jewellery storage box is new in to STORE and offers a great solution to protect your treasured jewellery collection. Our ring and bracelet storage tray can be used alone or stacked with our other interlocking matching jewellery storage boxes (see below) to provide a bespoke modular solution for your jewellery collection. Makes for a great gift and why not add a new piece of jewellery to the empty tray for an extra special pressie idea.
Large Substantial Decorative Storage box For Home Interior use with Drawer measuring approximately 25cm x 33cm x 24cm Stunning Sophia Bella Vendome Design featuring Bag & Shoes. Women and jewellery go hand in hand, and most of the time the chains, dangling and other jewels get tangled, which takes time to separate before you can wear them. This is a very easy and ready to make jewellery storage with a material that is already available in your kitchen. You must’ve used these kind of hooks usually for hanging your clothes in your closet room or in your laundry room, but did you know that these hooks can be much helpful in keeping your chains beautifully organized without getting tangled or into knots. Decorative photo frames are used not only to adorn the photos but you can also make use of them to decorate the jewellery storage.

A photo frame with string or wires attached to it in rows will help you hang the hooked earrings. Wine bottles can be reused for various purposes and this one is something different as you can use them to store bangles, bracelets and watches. Mini Wooden Storage Box Jewellery Cufflinks Ring Trinket Gift Case VintageThis is a beautifully made miniature storage box which would look stunning. Items must be returned with all tags attached, and please ensure that returned goods are in a re-saleable condition as we cannot accept products back which have been used or which are scratched and blemished.
For European and International orders, we will refund the price paid for unwanted items but delivery charges will not be refunded. If you provided an email address we will send you an email confirming that we have refunded your card. It has plenty of space and a number of compartments with suede lining in a light tan colour. The jewellery box lid has a large mirror on the inside and the box shuts securely with a brass fastener. Finished in a choice of faux leather colour options, the lidded box features a charm bracelet pad in the centre and as shown 18 charm dimples to store your other cherished Pandora etc. Finish in a choice of faux leather colour options with contracting linings, the ring and bracelet tray (shown right on above image) features several ring rolls which are ideal for keeping your rings and earrings in safely stored and three long soft additional storage compartments for bracelets and necklaces.
This blog will give you ideas about how creatively and beautifully you can create your own jewellery storage to neatly organize them for easier access. Make use of a cheese grater to hang the beautiful dangling where they will stay in place and you needn’t spend time in finding it’s pair.

It is very simple, as you will just need to hang them into the holes of the laced material.
Tie the twig with a ribbon or string on both ends and hang them on the wall, now you can attach the chains to the twig, not only will they look pretty decorative but very useful and cheap way to store jewellery too. They will look very colorful and amazingly stunning and this framed earring holder can be placed on a table with a flower vase near it to add more elegance and decor. It is made out of wood, is brown in colour and has embossed imagery of a stylised bird on the lid. You can select to have your order sent either to your home address, work or a friend’s address.
You will be responsible for arranging return of the goods and paying all costs associated with return. The box has a top tray with two small open topped compartments, a larger compartment with chocolate leather lid and two long soft cushions – ideal for rings and hoop earrings. This can be place on a table in your living room or anywhere to make it look very beautiful like a jewel fountain. Unfortunately we are unable to offer delivery to pack stations or locker boxes for deliveries inside and outside of the UK.

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