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Summary: This post aims at demonstrating how you can make handmade beaded bracelets in a simple way while introducing some of inexpensive jewelry making materials into your crafts.
It’s easy to overspend when making your own jewelry ornaments, and it can be relatively hard to find the proper affordable jewelry making materials that reflect your individuality and taste. Get loose beads in bulk from top China beads wholesaler online at cheap price for jewelry making.
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Summary: This pair of handmade crystal earrings consists of square and bicone Swarovski crystal beads, is very light and sparkles nicely.
Buying crystal accessories can be expensive, but this probably won’t stop you from wearing them.
Slide one 4mm bicone bead onto the headpin, and then make a wrapped loop with round nose pliers. These handmade crystal earrings really reveal the fact that only the most customized items are also the most suitable and appreciate ones. Start with the stardust bead and then add the agate beads and end it again with the second stardust bead. Pass the beads and the buttons in the pin ( I have passed the lilac agate, then two wooden buttons, then the lava bead and then the two buttons and and the lilac agate bead again) and your bar is ready! Step 2: Cut a piece of the chain in a length smaller than the desired final length (just do not forget that lobster and jump rings and the beaded bar will add more length in your jewel).
Do not worry if you have never created a jewel before, these earrings are the greatest way to start crafting jewelry.
Nothing ruins an a amazing furniture makeover more quickly than sticking the same old boring drawer pulls and knobs back on.
Whenever I go to a great yard sale or estate sale, I can’t help checking out the costume jewelry.
This is one of those projects that takes five minutes but ends up looking like a million bucks. Just squeeze some Krazy Glue onto the face of your drawer pull and press it onto the back of your jewelry piece. I screwed a few of my freshly made knobs onto some of my favorite pieces of painted furniture and they looked amazing.
These knobs are perfect for adding character to furniture pieces but they are also pretty special all on their own so I decided to try something a little different with my last jewelry knob. I had some small scraps of wood leftover from the plank wall I installed in our foyer this spring.

And then when it was time to attach a wall hanger to the back, I decided to just use Krazy Glue for that too instead of messing with those tiny little nails that come with it. And five minutes later I had a one-of-a-kind necklace holder – without using a single tool to construct it.
This little necklace holder was the perfect addition to the gallery wall in our master bedroom; it fits in beautifully with the other jewelry display pieces and art. I’ve gotta admit, my mind is kind of racing with ideas of other things I can Krazy Glue onto drawer pulls! Get the free ebook: How to completely transform your house with paintPlus lots more free DIY inspiration every week!
After you have secured the bar firmly, trim off all leftover cord ends and melt them using a lighter. When you proceed to the checkout page, the Seller Discount will be automatically calculated. Try following this ingenious beaded jewelry making idea and make these handmade crystal earrings. Take one spacer bar, and thread an eyepin through the center hole, then two headpins on either side.
You can make any pattern to match your wardrobe according to your own beaded jewelry making ideas! Measure your wrist and then try to cut a piece of the gold plated chain that the half of it combined with the beaded part will be almost equal to your wrist’s length. Just have in mind to choose a lobster that will feet perfectly with the rest of the jewel and it will look as a really beautiful detail of the bracelet.
For example, have you ever thought that buttons can be combined beautifully with gemstone beads creating a dainty bar necklace? In case you do not have an eyepin (like I did) just cut the ends of the pin you have and create with the round nose plier two rings.
I love unique, attention-getting hardware – but it’s hard to find and super expensive. Even though it is probably about forty years out of style, it is usually only a dollar or two and is awesome for repurposing. The best pieces for this project are large and flat – like necklace pendants, brooches or those huge round earrings ladies used to wear several decades ago.
Krazy Glue works super fast and the precision tip keeps the glue where I want it – even when working with tiny, delicate parts. Though the jewelry making materials are just common acrylic beads without a splendid gloss and a delicate cut, the final results are amazingly fabulous and amusing!

And when you wear it…none will realize that you have buttons on your beaded bar necklace! If yes, then this is a way how to create a pair of chic and modern dangle earrings really fast and easy! Just pass the white bead in the eyepin first, then the yellow one and then the last white bead. As always I knew there had to be a way to get gorgeous one-of-a-kind furniture hardware at a tiny cost. You want to make sure your jewelry is larger than the drawer pull you are using and that it does not have cut-outs the pull will show through. You certainly don’t want to be pulling open a drawer and have your hardware come apart in your hands! Krazy glue works on metal, porcelain, pottery, glass, plastic, rubber, vinyl…definitely, any material your jewelry pieces might include. Normally, I would drag out the drill and drill a hole in the wood to screw on the drawer pull.
They are only a few dollars at any home improvement store).  If you are using a pendant with an attached loop, you will need to carefully snip off the loop.
Plus, if that happened at my house, my 18 month old would probably either eat the pieces or flush them down the toilet. And I love when one little product can be reused for a bunch of different projects instead of buying new materials every single time. Be sure to check out Krazy Glue’s Pinterest boards for lots more inspiring ideas for masterpieces in minutes! But since that was back in 2011, the pictures were horrible and I only had about ten readers then, I figured it was time to revisit the idea).
Plus, the glue itself is a super thick gel – no dripping or getting all over the place, even when you are working on a vertical surface.
And Krazy Glue’s special Skin GuardTM formula delays skin bonding, so you’ll have plenty of time to work on your project without worrying about your fingers sticking together.

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