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I pride myself with being a very conscientious care-taker for them, providing a very healthy diet, plenty of exercise, daily reward-based dog training, environmental enrichment, a stress-free home environment, participation in dog sports, playtime, and an infinite amount of love. I have heard that’s not a good idea, but these three dogs are happy, healthy and well-loved, so it works out to the same thing. I am fascinated with your music for dogs and even for the various types of dogs (senior, puppy, etc.). We are really going cross species soon with the release of our first Through a Cat’s Ear album in June! YOu are so much a mom to your furever children who love you and depend on you, I for one want to wish you a very special MOTHER’S DAY and may it bring you much happiness and enjoyment with your 4 legged children who adore you…LITERALLY!! This entry was posted in General and tagged Calm your Canine, calming dog music, Canine Freestyle, dog agility, Lisa Spector, Mother's Day, pet parents, Positive reinforcement dog training, reward based dog training, Through a Dog's Ear.
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I have no human children and have never been called “mom.” No one has ever said to me, “Happy Mother’s Day mom, I love you!”But, can we be mothers to species other than humans? But, I usually think of them as my companion animals, not my children, even though others may see me as a crazy pet parent, with my children being of the furry sort.
I am very grateful that she is in good health.  And, even though my dogs are not my children, I am very happy to be spending Mother’s Day with them.

After playing with their pets, dog owners experienced a burst in a hormone linked to infant care.
After taking Sanchez and Gina out for a long walk this morning, I’m actually off sailing this afternoon without them. We are all mothers to someone; pets, plants, each other…thankyou so much for all the dog knowledge, humor and kindness! Whether I take them for a hike, drive them to the beach, or they sit by my side at an outdoor cafe, they are still my full responsibility.
I honestly have had more experience playing with puppies than taking care of infants, so I can’t compare.
I’m going to be proud of my choice to not add to the human over-population and remind myself that I am helping the pet over-population. I am not a Mother of Humans neither, and I can not say it was a choice but rather a lack of chance of a choice.
But, I do know that my engagement and relationship with my dogs is extremely emotionally satisfying and bonding. And I left them with a meat bone, Through a Dog’s Ear music playing, and a dog sitter coming in to walk them later this afternoon. But I feel strongly about our role as mothers with animals as well and consider you in my heart a true Mom.

I am their provider, care-taker, training partner, agility partner, canine freestyle partner, and human snuggler, even if I am not their mom.
I copy and past what I wrote for you, with you (and me and so many other women) in mind on facebook (I am Le Ni on facebook): Coongrats to you as a Mom, because you are. Rollin McCarty, Director of Research at the Institute of HeartMath, conducted an experiment and found that heart-rhythm entrainment, or synchronization, occurs between people and their dogs.
I do not have human kids, just because life happened in a way so that I did not get the chance, and a day like this feels weird… a bit sad even. But I do want to say loud and clear that Mother’s Day is also the Day of all of us who love inconditionally our children, whatever species they belong to. The type of love it implies is the same, the object of the love does not change the nature of it.
So a Happy Day to all of us who care and have a motherly love for those creatures, whatever species, we care for. Happy Day to all women out there who care in their hearts and actions for other beings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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